Puma teams up with Goonj to promote circular economy


Puma teams up with Goonj to promote circular economy

by Shubhangi Bidwe
2 Sep 2019

Puma has partnered Goonj in an effort to promote a circular economy in India. Puma has been witnessing strong growth in the Indian market and will be investing to expand its retail presence across India to maintain its dominant position. Puma sees India as an important market with huge growth potential. Goonj specialises in using urban surplus to trigger grassroots development work.

The initiative is a platform to collaborate with consumers to crowdsource essentials like apparel and footwear. Collection boxes will be set up at over 360 exclusive Puma stores across the country. For every contribution made in-store or online, consumers will be given Puma gift vouchers. The collection will be dropped at Goonj’s processing centers across India where the material will be put through a rigorous process of sorting, segregating, repairing and packing.Customized kits will then be prepared for specific needs of people in different parts of the country – like family kits, school kits, disaster relief kits and menstrual dignity kits. In the remote rural villages, these kits will act as a mobilizing and motivating tool to reward people who work on their own issues like building a bamboo bridge, digging a well, building community spaces etc.