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Seams for Dreams to hold garage sale in Mumbai


Seams for Dreams to hold garage sale in Mumbai

By Shubhangi Bidwe

2 Dec 2019

Seams for Dreams will hold a garage sale in Mumbai on December 14, 2019. The aim is to give the public a chance to shop high quality secondhand clothing while raising money for charity. Seams for Dreams will collect clothing donated by celebrities, designers, influencers, stylists, editors, and socialites and then sell them at the event. Funds raised from the sale will be donated to NGOs.

Seams for Dreams has donated around 40,000 items of clothing to date and held five previous editions of the garage sale event. The organisation also collaborates with a fashion academy each year to create a collection of up-cycled clothing. Seams for Dreams enables people to donate their old clothes, from jeans, T-shirts and kurtas to high-end designer wear. The incoming donations are segregated into kind and immediately distributed all over India through its network of partner NGOs. As for the clothes sold for fundraising at the garage sale, the maximum of the high-end fashion pieces for sale are from fashion designers and Bollywood celebrities.

Celebrity supporters and fashion influencers help Seams for Dreams raise awareness of the importance of reusing and recycling fashion. All clothes are either donated to various partner NGOs or upcycled as part of Seams for Dreams’ awareness initiatives.