Sofia Shonali Mehrotra launches first collection


Sofia Shonali Mehrotra launches first collection

by Shubhangi Bidwe
3 Sep 2019

Swedish-Indian designer Sofia Shonali Mehrotra has launched her first collection inspired by her bi-cultural family. The first accessory of this collection is scarves which is a central element to Indian dressing. The muted tones and subtle prints of these scarves are influenced by Swedish minimalism.

The brand has also upcycled pre-owned saris to create unique pieces out of them like the Damyanti pouch, scarves and sarongs. Surplus fabrics have been used to create hair ties in limited editions. The brand has used natural materials including silk, wool and cotton for its pieces in the collection. One main attraction of this collection is the round mini straw bag, handmade by artisans in Manipur. This bag perfectly complements everyday clothing as well as a day at the beach. The brand now plans to launch a vintage limited-edition line of pre-owned furniture from India.