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The Reflective launches online marketplace for modest fashion

By Simone Preuss


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Modest fashion by The Reflective. Image: The Reflective

No doubt, shopping for clothes can be a daunting experience, especially for women when current styles and trends are too revealing - not everyone likes to flaunt everything all the time and in many cases - at the office for example - it may simply be inappropriate.

Long considered a faith-based choice, modest fashion is gaining in popularity, proven by the modest-friendly options that many leading brands like H&M, Farfetch and Nike now offer. More women want to escape the notion that in fashion, more (revealing) is more. Business dress codes tend to be more modest anyway and with travel again on the rise after the pandemic, when visiting new places with a yet-to-be-discovered street style, erring on the side of modesty is probably a good idea.

However, “the modest shopping experience continues to present challenges for modest dressers worldwide,” according to high-end modest fashion retailer The Reflective. “Shoppers are still forced to manually sift through clothes that do not meet their modest requirements, resulting in a frustrating and time-consuming process. Furthermore, customers are often met with disappointment when they discover that the seemingly modest item they purchased is more revealing than it looked online.”

Modest fashion by The Reflective. Image: The Reflective

Reason enough for the New York-based company to launch its Modest Marketplace, a  platform that offers a seamless and convenient modest shopping experience. It features over 1,000 of the latest modest fashion items including contemporary ready-to-wear, evening wear, swimwear, athleisure, and even head scarves. All items have been sourced from leading fashion brands, designers and boutiques, of which over 90 percent are female-founded, sustainable and/or made to order.

Modest Marketplace by The Reflective

The user-friendly interface offers different modesty standard filters that users can access to customise their results. In addition, an editorial blog provides styling content daily and the extensive selection is curated by fashion industry experts.

“Our team at The Reflective consists of fashion professionals who are themselves modest dressers. We intimately understand the needs of our community and believe that every woman has the right to look and feel beautiful in a way that fits their religious values,” comments founder and CEO of The Reflective, Liza Sakhaie, in a press release.

Credits: Modest fashion by The Reflective. Image: The Reflective

“We know that affordability and style are crucial for modest dressers, and recognise that the current options available fall short in meeting these requirements. Our Modest Marketplace eliminates the current tedious process of modest shopping and provides the latest in modest attire, along with content and education around styling a modest wardrobe. Our aim is to empower our community to effortlessly express their personal style and feel beautiful,” adds Sakhaie.

The Reflective is an all female New York-based modest fashion retailer that aims to empower women of all faiths and bridge the gap between fashion and modesty. It was founded by a team of fashion experts, including a former Bloomingdale’s associate, in 2020.

“I spent ten years in the fashion industry surrounded by shallow vanity inspiring me to seek a way to give clothing meaning without my body as the focus. However, I noticed my personality disappear with a more conservative style, so I embarked on a journey of discovering modest ways to wear the styles I always felt most confident in: jeans, pant suits and camisole dresses. It’s our to share products and style secrets with every modest women,” explains Sakhaie on the website.

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