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The UK's best cities for sustainable shopping revealed

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Black Tulip unveils UK's best sustainable shopping cities Credits: Black Tulip

The fast-fashion sector churns out over 92 million tonnes of textile waste annually, which at the very least poses significant environmental threats. However, recent studies indicate a shifting consumer mindset in the UK, with more than half expressing a desire for eco-friendly shopping in 2024.

Searches for slow fashion have surged by 130 percent since January 2023, signaling a growing inclination toward conscious consumption. Black Tulip, an environmentally conscious footwear brand, conducted research to identify UK cities embracing slow fashion principles.

Bristol emerged as a frontrunner with the highest number of certified B-Corp companies per capita. Leicester followed closely, excelling in textile recycling infrastructure and volume. Surprisingly, London, despite its low density of fast-fashion retailers, ranked lower due to limited clothing and textile recycling facilities and charity shops.

The top 10 cities leading the slow fashion movement include Bristol, Leicester, Nottingham, Brighton, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Southampton, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. According tot the data from Black Tulip these cities prioritise sustainable shopping habits, emphasising quality over seasonal trends.

About Black Tulip

Black Tulip champions slow fashion as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion's throwaway culture. Founder Sonam Joshan said the importance of investing in timeless pieces transcends fleeting trends. By embracing slow fashion, consumers can reduce their environmental footprint, support fair labour practices, and cherish garments crafted with care and ethical sourcing.

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