UK-based maternity wear brand Séraphine has opened its first India store in New Delhi. This brand opened 17 years ago looks to merge style with adaptability, looking at a two-year period, from pregnancy to feeding. Whether it’s leather pants or a ball gown, the brand has it all. All the styles adapt to changing bodies – some dresses have elastic at the back or by way of a side panel, while many are made with a knot at the thinnest part of the body, just above the belly. Jeans come with an expandable belly band, to accommodate a growing stomach, and leggings are made of bamboo, also with a panel. There’s swimwear, nursing bras, and breast-feeding covers as well.

Already a part of the international range, and coming soon to India, is a line of slip-on shoes developed with an orthopaedist. The shoes have an insole with enhanced cushioning at certain points, and a slight heel for added support to swelling feet. Also coming in is what’s called skin to skin. The baby is literally on the mother’s skin, with a top wrapped around the two of them. For winter, there’ll be baby-wearing coats and jackets that go over walking harnesses.


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