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Uniqlo’s maiden India store gets a positive response


Uniqlo’s maiden India store gets a positive response

By Shubhangi Bidwe

11 Oct 2019

Uniqlo’s maiden India store in New Delhi, is doing brisk sales. It clocked in clocked sales worth Rs 2.2 crore in the first two days of opening its first store in the capital. Even though Uniqlo's first day sales of around Rs 1.2 crore is less compared to the Rs 1.75 crore reported by Sweden's H&M in 2015, experts feel Uniqlo's figure "impressive" since it came in the middle of a slowdown, when consumers are cutting spending on everything.

The 35,000 sq ft store opened a week back and is spread over three floors. The Japanese retailer plans two more outlets in the National Capital Region. India is the third country that the flagship label of Fast Retailing is entering this year, along with Italy and Vietnam. Uniqlo sees India as its fastest growing market in the coming decades. Uniqlo sees brick and mortar stores as its strength and the place where it offers real world services. Uniqlo is not interested in buying any business online but is prepared to invest in the right IT infrastructure and wants to uncover a good partnership opportunity. Uniqlo is not looking at online in the immediate future but in the near future is interested in launching online in India. But the priority is to be educated about the Indian market.

Founded in 1984, Uniqlo operates more than 2,200 outlets in 23 countries, including China, the US, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. One of the distinctive elements of Uniqlo’s designs is that it doesn’t conform to any trend. Uniqlo believes people should have their individuality and its design philosophy is how it can provide support in creating that individuality with its clothes.