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37th IAF World Fashion Convention Dhaka Mere Month Away!

By Press Club


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Image Credit: Via IAF

The 37th IAF World Fashion Convention in Dhaka is now a mere month away. On November 14, the conference part of the convention will take place at the Radisson Blu Water Garden, the conference hotel in Dhaka.

The conference program will focus on solutions to a set of imminent challenges for our industry, including supply chain collaboration and purchasing practices, climate action, education and digitalization and raw material recycling and availability. IAF partners, members and projects such as the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii), the STTI, EURATEX, London College of Fashion along with brands and retailers are among the speakers at the conference. As happens every year, the IAF Convention will offer ample opportunity to network during the gala dinner on the evening of November 14th.

IAF Conventions always highlight the importance of supply chain collaboration as the only path to a stronger and more sustainable industry. Bangladesh, having grown to be the second largest exporters of garments is the perfect location to show what the active involvement of manufacturers in the development of industry solutions really means in practice. Every panel at the conference therefore features brands and retailers, manufacturers and experts.

The panel on purchasing practices and supply chain resilience and collaboration will feature industry expert John Thorbeck; Miran Ali, BGMEA Vice President, STTI spokesperson and managing director of the Bitopi Group. A speaker from a major retail chain will be announced soon. The panel on climate action will feature Tamara Wulf of the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii), Christopher Veit, CEO of Veit GmbH, expert dr. Sivas Pariti and Suhjaat Ali, Senior Managing Director at Target Sourcing Services. A speaker on this from a garment manufacturing company will be announced soon, along with numerous other excellent speakers.

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