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CHIC: Spring event of China's largest fashion and lifestyle fair with record number of visitors

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30th anniversary of CHIC China International Fashion Fair:
Spring event of China's largest fashion and lifestyle fair with record number of visitors

  • Over 1270 exhibitors on 117,200 sqm at CHIC in March
  • Record attendance: almost 150,000 visitors at CHIC's 30th anniversary
  • Higher demands on quality, sustainability and individuality of Generation Z, which will significantly influence fashion consumption in China
  • Efficient networking at the CHIC Matching with more than 60 meetings, intense business talks throughout the fair on all three days

CHIC - China International Fashion Fair has once again proven to be a showcase for new trends and an indispensable trading platform for the fashion business in China. From 28 to 30 March 2023, 1271 exhibitors in 17 product segments presented themselves on 117,200 sqm at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and used the fair as an efficient sales and networking tool. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, CHIC saw a record attendance of 148,983 visitors, nearly 45% more than the last pre-pandemic spring event in March 2019, resulting in a high need for face-to-face meetings as well as an appetite for new fashion themes.

"We are very pleased with the very successful outcome of CHIC. The strong attendance shows the confidence of the textile and apparel industry in the promising future of the market, looking for new business partners and new business opportunities. CHIC remains the essential B2B event for the international fashion business in China. It is the meeting point where retailers from all channels and manufacturers meet, exchange ideas and do business. Trends become visible, new collections reflect the wishes of consumers, the fair offers transparency. The Chinese fashion market is currently undergoing a strong upgrade, the manufacturers' collections are becoming more and more high-end and, at the same time, consumers are becoming more quality-conscious and are willing to pay more for quality. The young Generation Z, will significantly determine consumer behaviour, they already account for 23% of fashion consumers and 30% of online buyers in China. Other important topics are digitalization in the fashion industry, developments in sustainable fashion, changes in retail and supply chain issues to be discussed among experts. CHIC takes on the role as a "solution provider" and driver of the industry." Chen Dapeng, President of CHIC and China National Garment Association


On 117,200 sqm, market leaders alongside newcomers and niche brands from all areas of the textile and apparel world will present the latest developments on the Chinese market in five halls: CHIC WOMEN'S, CHIC MEN'S, CHIC KIDZ, CHIC TAILORING, CHIC SOURCING, CHIC WINTER'S, CHIC TECH FAIR, CHIC IMPULSES/CHIC ACCESSORIES, BAGS&SHOES, SPORTS FASHION, DENIM WORLD, CHIC YOUNG BLOOD, CHIC WORLDWIDE, CHINA'S COTTON FASHION, CHINESE STYLE SECTION, PURSUER OF EXCELLENCE IN SUSTAINABILITY. In PH VALUE, as a show-in-show at CHIC, 150 knitwear brands participated.

China's Generation Z will dominate the Chinese market in the next decade. As the first generation after the Millenials, they are entering the workforce and will be the driving force of consumption there. Even now, as pupils and students, they have a higher income than all previous generations, with an average of 4,200 yuan per month. The "New Consumption Trends" were presented in Hall 2.1 in the six exhibition sections CHIC YOUNG BLOOD, CHIC IMPULSES, Sports Fashion, Denim World, Bags &Shoes and the international section GLOBAL FASHION. Here, in addition to the French and Italian premium brands presented in the CHIC SHOWROOM, the organisers' multi-label concept, such as Ines de la Fressange Paris, MaisonLener Paris, Stella Forest Paris etc., seven individual international brands participated in CHIC. These include brands such as Bravo Fashion from the

USA (accessories), Duedi from Italy (men's shoes), Olaf Benz from Germany, Vora Kim from Korea (womenswear) or Sparkle from Hong Kong, which had their own fashion show at CHIC. Georgia Yang, Director of CHIC SHOWROOM, draws a positive conclusion: "The demand for international brands from consumers is high, and with CHIC SHOWROOM we also have the opportunity to serve different target groups. We find that consumers are looking for new styles with high quality." With CHIC as a market entry platform and the future expansion of the CHIC SHOWROOM concept to different locations and PoS in China as well as to the e-commerce space, CHIC is on the one hand catering to the increasing demand of consumers, especially in 3rd and 4th tier cities, for international brands, while at the same time offering platforms that make it easier for global brands to market themselves. Francesco di Franco, Managing Director of DUEDI' S.R.L. said: " The fair participation was a complete success for us, we are looking forward to the next CHIC and will be there again."

The high demand for niche products, i.e. for more individuality, was picked up by the designer area CHIC IMPULSES. More than 160 designers presented their latest avant-garde creations on more than 10,000 sqm, including well-known Chinese names such as WOWIN, Liu Shengyi, WGMX or SUN GUITIAN. Sun Guitian, designer of the eponymous brand is a former winner of the China Top Ten Fashion Designers Award.

According to an autumn/winter 2022 analysis by TaobaoTMall, the top three trends of Generation Z in China include light loungewear and casual street wear, trendy denim looks, novelty styles. The SPORTS FASHION area presented a lively young lifestyle of Generation Z: from yoga wear to fashionable sportswear such as trakking jackets, to ski suits and sun protective clothing in combination with the Outdoor Camping Area by TOREAD, which interprets the independent and vital style of the young generation, the entire range of fashionable sports equipment was shown.

DENIM WORLD, the classic in the fashion sector, showed the return of the Y2K trend as a style element, such as the collections of Zunlong Denim, one of the leading suppliers in China, which presented trendy denim looks.

The increased quality demands of consumers with simultaneous acceptance of higher price levels were confirmed by exhibitors from all sectors at CHIC. Zhang Yi, founder of the designer label JCJ Fashion Jewelry, which is in particular demand among Chinese celebrities, reports a great demand among China's solvent millenials for handmade jewellery made of genuine gemstones. Peng Fang, Director of the Hong Trade Development Council, also emphasises the high quality standards of the visitors of the participating companies from Hong Kong.

Numerous exhibitors report very good fair results, such as Xu Xianjiang of the brand TOWMY brand producing down jacket (womenswear) joining CHIC WINTERS section with a total of 196 exhibitors: " Already on the first day of the fair, we won 60 potential customers, including brand boutiques and brands such as Bosideng, who would like to enter into cooperation with us." Christopher Raxxy's impressive presentation at CHIC WINTERS was also a visitor magnet at the fair. The Christopher Raxxy brand was launched in 2013. The designer uses the traditional Chinese paper cutting process to emphasise the three-dimensional effects of his down jacket collections. His designs were also shown at Milan Fashion Week in 2023.

Co-founder of QIRUI&DEZE, one of the top ten children's fashion brands in China, Liu Yunpin reports strong order activity at the show: "We were a popular hot spot at CHIC!" Market leaders such as Septwolves, K-Boxing, Hodo, Zuo exhibited in the MENSWEAR AREA. The WOMENSWEAR area presented ESEY, YERAD, MENGZHIWU. The latest innovations in digital apparel production presented the market leader CLO Virtual Fashion in hall 1.1. With offices in Shanghai, New York, Munich and Seoul, it is one of the leading providers of innovative software for fashion design, among other things.

In unison, all exhibitors reported uninterrupted business talks on all three days of the fair.


All major trade channels were represented at CHIC, big shopping malls and department stores - like SKP, Joy City, Wangfujing - agents, distributors, buyers of multi-brand and concept shops - DONG LIANG or YI SHANG MEN -, social media platforms like TikTok . Visitors came from all regions of China, the largest share from Zhejiang province, followed by Shanghai, Jiangsu province and Guangdong

province. Over 3500 buyers came from South Korea, India, Japan, Vietnam, Europe, the UK, Eastern Europe, and the USA.

CHIC Supporting Program

With its combination of fashion shows, workshops and networking opportunities, CHIC offers a unique platform for the fashion industry to network, learn and help shape the future of fashion.


CHIC MATCHING has proven to be particularly efficient. In total 66 business matchings took place during the three days of the fair at two meeting points at CHIC. Exhibitors and visitors were individually networked with each other here. Participants of the event included leading department stores' groups such as Wangfujing Department Store, Joy City, China World Mall, INZONE Group; agencies from Henan,

Shenyang, Sichuan, Guangdong and Tibet and also international buyersfrom the UK, Russia, the USA, Turkey, Austria and Asia.

In the run-up to CHIC, extensive marketing activities were conducted through all relevant channels such as CHIC WeChat Public Account, CNGA WeChat Mini Program and Tiktok.


The CHIC SHOWS thrilled the audience with the inspiring collections of the participants. The CHIC SHOWS were opened by Sun Guitian, who attracted the attention of the audience with the brands KENSUN, YIZHUO and SUNGUITIAN. A total of seven shows took place at CHIC SHOWS, including Sparkle from Hong Kong.


With a wide range of workshops as part of CHIC TALK, the event also provided a unique opportunity for fashion professionals and aspiring designers to expand their knowledge and learn from industry experts. From fashion business and marketing to digital innovations for fashion design and production, sustainability and retail trends, the forums featured intense discussions and valuable insights into the latest developments in the Chinese market. More than 11 CHIC TALK took place during the fair.

Around 500 exhibitors are expected at the next CHIC in Shanghai in August, with international participation from Europe and Asia planned.

CHIC - China International Fashion Fair is organised by the China National Garment Association in cooperation with the China World Exhibition.

Next Dates:

CHIC August: 28-30 August 2023, New Exhibition and Convention Center| Shanghai

CHIC Greater Bay Area: 6-8 November 2023,Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center| Shenzhen

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