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Brand New Vision, Digital Fashion Group to establish first ‘digital learning hub’

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The Digital Fashion Group featuring GrapheneX, BNV Originals and NYC G2. Credits: Image courtesy of TDFG/BNV.

Two platforms for digital fashion, Brand New Vision (BNV) and The Digital Fashion Group (TDFG) announce a strategic partnership, which sets out to establish the first Digital Learning Hub for digital fashion creation. This hub represents a new Web3 benchmark, and a convergence between education, creativity, and digital fashion. By joining forces, in this way BNV & TDFG aim to empower talent, redefine industry norms, and elevate the concept of Web3 digital wearables.

ME:ID is an immersive 3D avatar and digital fashion customisation tool. Designed with a user-centric approach at its core, ME:ID delivers an intuitive and immersive experience across both desktop and mobile interfaces, with every element precisely crafted to optimize user engagement. It presents abundant customization possibilities, from AI inputs and layered outfits to swatch books, graphic appliqués, various lighting, and backgrounds, as well as a diverse range of poses and emotes.

BNV and TDFG share a commitment to pursue the digital transformation of the fashion industry by enabling real change on all operational levels driving greater inclusivity, customisation, and ownership. BNV & TDFG believe that this transformation starts with the creative. ME:ID enables the creation of digital wearables that are truly owned by individuals, fostering customization and authentic engagement.

The Digital Learning Hub is an innovative and ground-breaking educational initiative that brings together fashion design with cutting-edge digital technology for Web 3 engagement. Both organisations recognize that knowledge is a fundamental tool in driving impact in the industry. This collaboration aims to support the future generations of Web3 creative talent.

“ Although traditional education is starting to engage with more digital provision for creatives it is still sporadic and marginalized . It is not enough any more to offer a 4 week elective CLO course in the second year of a fashion design degree. We are looking to foster talent and develop individuals who are passionate about driving change in the industry, ” said Leslie Holden, co-founder TDFG.

The creatives selected by TDFG x BNV for The Digital Learning Hub will come from various backgrounds and expertise, and will be selected based on their potential and creative vision.

TDFG and BNV are committed to delivering cutting edge skills to designers for developing and crafting digital wearables that transcend mere social media consumption or superficial AR filter interactions and that can be physically produced on demand when appropriate.

“Having worked in the field of fashion for many decades, and specifically in the world of 3D product creation since 2016, the ever evolving requirements, tools, and expectations of the digital fashion realm have changed dramatically and will continue to do so. By partnering with TDFG we plan to help prepare students to be able to engage with and grasp these new opportunities for digital fashion,” said Richard Hobbs, CEO of BNV.

Logo of Brand New Vision (BNV). Credits: Courtesy of BNV.
Logo of The Digital Fashion Group Academy. Credits: Courtesy of TDFG.
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