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DFO Launches September Campaign Ahead of Shanghai Fashion Week

By Press Club


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Warming up to a strong SS21 market season and Shanghai Fashion Week, DFO is presenting its latest sales campaign all throughout September. As the fashion market in China quickly rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic, buyers are seeking to spend their budgets on pre-orders and immediate delivery orders to keep up with growing consumer demand. With domestic travel allowed across the market, our own DI:LOFT will physically showcase collections for buyers who will visit our showroom in central Shanghai.

DFO Showroom // Nº 09-20 // September campaign
September 1 - September 30, 2020
Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00
DI:LOFT Address: 751 Huangpi South Road, Shanghai, China


DFO is a 360-degree market development group for fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands from around the world seeking distribution in China. DFO is dedicated to developing a customized strategy for each of its brands to foster business growth in China. DFO’s scope of services include: Distribution, PR & Press, Consulting, and TP services for online distribution.

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