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The colour indigo is all about intuition, perception and the higher mind. Get in sync with yourself through fashion with our Indigo Tales collection.

Colour Me Pretty

The hues of indigo hold a lot of meaning; this beautiful colour is helpful in opening the third eye and in promoting deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It represents our deepest thoughts and spiritual wisdom. Indigo also inspires the right brain to get the creative juices flowing.

When it comes to fashion, the blue and violet tones that blend into making this colour work really well with anything ranging from contemporary to ethnic wear, basically making this desirable dye an all-rounder when it comes to style and symbolism.

Indigo Fashion Flair

Contemporary silhouettes styled in traditional detailing of batik and calligraphy blended together with hues of indigo speckled with burnt oranges, greens, whites, and pinks make up our Indigo Tales Collection.

Indigo loves rituals and traditions; our ethnic range showcases a varying assortment of gorgeous kurtas, whereas our fusion range boasts of beautiful tunics, crop tops midi dresses, warp pants and palazzos. There’s also an assemblage of pretty sling bags and sandals to add to your look.

Ladies this new collection is just what you need to get into the groove this year. Colours do have an influence on our thoughts and emotions, so surround yourself with positive colours at home, at work and of course with your outfits. Really connect with your spiritual self and weave your own fashion story.

Colours have an influence on our thoughts & emotions, so surround yourself with positive colours

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