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Yatay x NO MORE PLASTIC: First 100% Bio-Based Shoe With HELENA CHRISTENSEN

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--Vegan sneaker brand announces partnership with non-profit foundation, supported by global
ambassadors --

28th October 2020, Milan - Milanese sustainable shoe brand Yatay has teamed up with No More Plastic to offer a dynamic spin on their classic Irori style. Produced 100% free of traditional plastic and relying entirely on innovative bio-based materials, the shoe is the first of its kind.

“The fashion industry cannot continue to ignore its environmental footprint. At Yatay we sought to create shoes that embrace the environment through ethical practices and innovation. Since 2018 we’re committed to the production of sustainable sneakers, twinned with high quality manufacturing. Eco-materials such as wood, corn, rubber and bio polyols are the main sources we look to in order to respect the environment of where we live every day, planet Earth.”

Umberto De Marco, Founder - Yatay

A select group of four ambassadors from No More Plastic’s network of activists will each customise their own pair of Irori shoes. These unique iterations of the timeless Yatay style will be available for purchase at Yatayatay.com.

Proud ambassadors for this campaign include:

Amelia Windsor - @amelwindsor
Azza Slimene – @azzaslimene
Cindy Bruna - @cindybruna
Helena Christensen - @helenachristensen

“Many components of modern shoes are made of plastic materials (including recycled plastic or made with plastic bottles) from the soles, to the uppers, to the eyelets.
When we walk around or run, those plastic soles wear down and produce microplastics which go directly into the air, the water and the soil and participate in plastic pollution.
With this collection, we join force with Yatay on a new step for the future.
When we buy or produce a product, it is imperative to think about the butterfly effect
it will have on the future of humanity and the planet.

We have to do everything we can to reinvent a lifestyle without disposable plastic. It is by being responsible and informed consumers that we can create a future we will be proud of. The more people take action, the more change we'll see.

There is no time to waste. When your voice and your actions are united with thousands or millions of others around the world,

we create a movement that is inclusive, impactful, and impossible to ignore.
We are the solution. Join us and walk with us now."

Rosalie Mann, Founder - No More Plastic

Yatay x No More Plastic will be available globally via yatayatay.com and select stockists from 28th October,

50% of the proceeds will be donated to No More Plastic.


“I have been supporting the No More Plastic Foundation for 2 years now because plastic pollution undoubtedly is one of the biggest scourges of our time. It was obvious for me to participate in this project they’re doing with Yatay, a cruelty free shoe company, who are producing bio-based material, plastic-free sneakers, the shoe being the first of its kind.

Big companies taking responsibility towards an ethical approach will have a huge and crucially important impact on the future of our planet.
We’re all part of this responsibility, everyone's actions count.”

“The ocean is our life source and it is endangered by plastic pollution. About 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced since the 1950s - the weight of roughly 47 million blue whales. We have to stop this right now and create alternatives for so many products still using plastic or recycled plastic.

It is truly an honor to be one of the 4 women who participate in this No More Plastic x Yatay collection to show that innovation, creation and fashion can be a solution.
Creating 100% plastic-free sneakers is more than an innovation, it is a step towards
a better future and a way to show that it is possible to do otherwise.
I am so excited to introduce my sustainable sneakers. Join the shoe revolution with

“On one of my last trips to Bali I saw how plastic can affect the coasts of this paradise … I am from the French Riviera where plastic waste is a real problem too. The Mediterranean Sea has, on average, the highest densities of plastics in the world. We must protect these havens, for ourselves and for generations to come.
Despite what we believe, when we use sneakers with plastic soles, we create
microplastics that contribute to the plastic pollution. I am really proud to have participated in the No More Plastic x Yatay capsule collection of sneakers which
have made cool and desirable 100% plastic free sneakers. Through our choices, we can all contribute to change.”

“Sustainability is no longer an option but an imperative - lots of brands are using innovation to be more eco. I am really proud to play a role in this by participating in the No More Plastic x Yatay collection.

It’s easy to think that it’s hard to make a difference as single individual when it comes to the connection between our lifestyles and the state of the planet. However, if we
can all make small changes it would create a big difference. We are all connected to the earth and to each other and without a happy planet there is nothing at all.

Yatay have mastered the combination of traditional Italian craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations with the new and exciting materials that are completely respectful to the planet. With this collection they created a shoe that is not only kind to the planet because it’s 100% plastic-free, but also durable and stylish.”

About No More Plastic
Founded in 2018, No More Plastic is a non-profit Foundation in "start-up mode" to the service of the only ocean that covers this planet - to generate public awareness about plastic pollution, advocate the need for alternatives to single-use plastic products and foster innovative solutions to invent the future of consumption. No More Plastic is also a brand who develops alternative solutions to replace plastic in our consumption. And through the No More Plastic Kids program, educate the new generation about plastic pollution and solutions because they are the citizens, entrepreneurs, leaders, and inventors of tomorrow.


Established in 2018, Yatay is a luxury brand merging quality craftsmanship with ethical resources to create exceptional footwear. Manufactured in Italy by hand and developed to drastically reduce the impact on the ecosystem, the shoes are vegan and every pair is made from eco-friendly materials - pairing long lasting comfort with impeccable style.

Yatay offer unisex sneakers in a refined and understated silhouette, fitting the dynamic lifestyle of contemporary men and women. The shoes are available in both a low-top and high-top version.

Yatay was created and founded by Umberto De Marco, the president of Coronet Spa - an Italian company pioneering in the production of environmentally friendly materials. Yatay’s mission to Reduce, Recycle, Give Back and Upcycle is practiced through the Yatay Forest campaign, which aims to safeguard the environment and offset the emissions produced by planting a tree for every pair of Yatay sold.

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