In a novel way, German choreographer Helena Waldmann explores the subject matter of sweatshops and worker exploitation in the apparel industry through a 70-minute dance performance called "Made in Bangladesh", using the Indian classical dance form of Kathak. The piece even draws parallels to the "sweat […]

Not their skill with needle and thread was called for but their vocal skills: Bangladeshi garment workers once more took on the challenge of finding the greatest voice among them. The heavily televised and popular event, titled “Gorbo” (meaning pride), was organized for the second time by […]

Shares in Jimmy Choo opened at 141 pence Friday on the London Stock Exchange when conditional trading began, up 0.7 percent from their launch price of 140 pence to 141 pence. It is noteworthy that the shoemaker to stars’ owner, JAB Luxury, had priced the offering of 25.9 percent of the business at the […]

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