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+50 top leaders from the fashion/ business/ tech industries gather at the 6th Worldwide Talks

By Press Club


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The 6th edition of the Worldwide Talks, in partnership with Spring Studios, will take place on February 3rd, offering more than eight hours of the uninterrupted program. 

Starting at 10 AM EST and broadcasted live from Spring Studios (kicking off the new partnership between Fashinnovation & Spring Studios), the event will present +50 top speakers together with global companies, iconic brands and world-renowned personas, focusing on 4 key pillars: Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. A special Startup Pitch Competition will be one of Worldwide Talks' main attractions.

Confirmed speakers include Frederic Fekkai, Model and Technologist Sinead Bovell, designers which will include Nicole Miller, Ozwald Boateng & Bibhu Mohapatra, Co-Founder at ThirteenLune Nyakio Grieco, Mastercard President Raja Rajamannar and many others. It'll be Fashinnovation 10th international production, including more than 25 talks distributed in panels, keynotes and fireside dialogues. 

Due to the world pandemic, the event will be fully digital once again. Since its first edition in 2020, Worldwide Talks, the biggest fashion & innovation event in the world produced by Fashinnovation, has reached more than 1,2 million spectators from all around the world, also obtaining positive appreciation from the audience and media. With a mission to democratize the fashion industry, everyone can attend with a free registration.

From supermodels and influencers to top executives, CEOs and influential figures, together with master lecturers, including internet sensations and founders, the producers gathered leading speakers to offer the attendees the opportunities and possibilities of growth they can take advantage of, immediately. 

A few of the speakers for the 6th Worldwide Talks:

  • Claire Malcolm, Design Director of Menswear at Givenchy
  • Karin Tracy, Head of Industry/Retail/Fashion/Beauty at Facebook & Instagram, Meta
  • Nicole Miller, Founder and Designer
  • Ozwald Boateng, Founder and Creative Director 
  • Bibhu Mohapatra, Creative Director and Founder
  • Nyakio Grieco, Co-founder, Thirteen Lune
  • Raja Rajamannar, President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard;
  • Brana Dane, Model & Activist, @branadane
  • Hayley Segar @hayleysegar, Influencer & Founder, @onewithswim
  • Sinead Bovell, Founder at WAYE, @sineadbovell
  • Frederic Fekkai, Founder, FEKKAI
  • Alexei Falin, CEO & Co-Founder, Rarible
  • Spencer Phipps, Founder, Phipps International.  

Panels will be moderated by journalists and editors from important media platforms.


Spring Studios, the most recent home of New York Fashion Week - has recently launched a year-long partnership with Fashinnovation which will include year-round activations, special projects, a young designer incubator and much more.


The world's largest event dedicated to establishing a productive bridge between fashion, technology, sustainability and inclusion, Worldwide Talks, will take place digitally, allowing the attendees to engage live and in-depth with the speakers from any place in the world.

A special moment of Worldwide Talks will be its interactive entrepreneurial “game”, a Startup Pitch Competition that will award companies judged by a Committee of Business Experts, while participants will interact directly with the judges and players.

Main organizers, Fashinnovation co-founders Jordana Guimarães and Marcelo Guimarães manifest the following: "we are committed to bringing the best speakers and innovators from the fashion and technology segments, and this next Worldwide Talks clearly concretizes, once again, our goal as a formative institution. The top-of-mind speakers that will share their ideas, strategies, experiences and tips for the audience will surely become real career mentors for them. Don't miss our 6th Worldwide Talks in February!"

According to the producers, Worldwide Talks has as its main objective to contribute to the professional development of the global audience, especially about the current landscape of creative technologies to be adopted by brands, creators and entrepreneurs. It may also be a wake-up call for liberal pros to start a business that they've always wanted to start. 

6th Worldwide Talks relies on the support of brands and institutions, including Spring Studios, Bluesign, LIM College, Parsons School of Fashion, FIT New York, Istituto Marangoni (Milan), Istituto Marangoni (Miami), and others.

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