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A new fashion collection shields wearer from AI facial recognition

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Capable Manifesto Collection

A new brand embracing technology, textiles and fashion has developed a collection that will bypass AI and facial recognition.

The print-heavy pieces confuses artificial intelligence cameras and stops them from recognising the wearer.

Developed by Italian startup Capable, the brand said its mission is to offer a high-tech product that opens debate on current issues that will shape our future.

Called the Manifesto Collection, it is the first range of its kind where knitted garments shield facial recognition. A patent in 2021 was issued for the fabric’s industrial intervention.

How it works

The knitwear features an algorithm that is integrated into the texture designed to be worn without losing effectiveness, blending perfectly with the volumes of the body. Instead of seeing faces, AI systems will see dogs, zebras, giraffes, or small knitted people inside the fabric.

With this collection Capable addresses the issue of privacy, opening the discussion on the importance of protection from the misuse of biometric recognition cameras. In a statement the brand said it reflects “a problem that has become increasingly present in our daily lives, involving citizens around the world, and that, if neglected, could freeze the rights of the individual including freedom of expression, association, and free movement in public spaces.”