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Adidas celebrates heritage styles in latest campaign

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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AW22 Samba-Kapsel by Pharrell William Credits: Adidas

Adidas is banking on its cultural legacy as it spotlights a series of heritage sneakers in its latest campaign.

Adidas Originals pays homage to the brand's iconic footwear styles, the Gazelle, Samba, and Handball Spezial, which have held cultural significance across generations, with some like the Samba, having made a big comeback in the last year.

The campaign, directed by Vincent Haycock and featuring professional skateboarder Carlisle Aikens, captures the timeless essence of the classic shoes via a single-take film and series of still images.

Adidas in a statement said the campaign celebrates the diverse communities and subcultures that have embraced these shoes, each wearer infusing their own unique style and narrative into the iconic designs. Adidas is also inviting fans to participate in the celebration by submitting their own interpretations on social media using the hashtags #Samba #Gazelle and #Spezial.

The power of these styles lies in their timeless designs that have transcended generations, appealing to a wide range of consumers with varying tastes and styles. The classic silhouettes of the Gazelle, Samba, and Handball Spezial, have become iconic symbols of street culture, sport, and fashion, contributing to their enduring popularity.

Adidas has kept the styles fresh by updating them with modern materials, technology, and collaborations, in an ever-evolving sneaker market.

The campaign, titled "1000 Back," is slated for release on March 26th.

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