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AllSaints founder Stuart Trevor launches new fashion brand

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Credits: Credit - Stuart Trevor

Stuart Trevor, founder and former chief executive of AllSaints, is launching a new fashion brand, which promises to not make any new clothes.

In an Instagram post, Trevor said that his eponymous brand will keep clothes in circulation “by reimagining vintage and second-hand clothing,” utilising recycled clothing or deadstock fabric.

Launching during London Fashion Week on September 15, Trevor said the label will “prove that you can build a clothing brand that doesn’t produce any clothing," by turning “dead stock into living stock”.

Credits: Credit - Stuart Trevor

The fashion brand added that there are “far too many clothes in the world already,” and that it will customise carefully selected pieces, creating unique one-off items.

“Our clothes are reworked, rebranded, cut up, distressed, and reimagined with care – patched, printed, hand painted, sprayed, washed and embroidered, often with ‘less is more’ in mind,” explains the brand on social media. “There’s a huge supply of vintage clothing ready to be given new life, millions of metres of deadstock fabric either lying around in fabric mills or ending up in landfill.”

Credits: Credit - Stuart Trevor

The collection teases recycled cotton T-shirts and hoodies, as well as a hooded parka with patch detailing, camo and denim jackets adorned with lace and patches, and green quilted capri pants.

Trevor added: “People want to have more fun, rediscover the magic of fashion, buy clothes that will last, that have the smallest possible environment impact. We will make this possible.”

Stuart Trevor