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Arket partners with circular platform Bundlee

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Arket x Bundlee Credits: Arket

H&M-owned Arket has announced a collaboration with Bundlee, a children’s clothing rental service. Founded in London in 2018, Bundlee specializes in circular children's apparel and extending the lifespan of a category which is typically worn for a limited time.

Through the partnership, subscribers gain access to the rental of Arket’s essential baby and toddler items, providing a sustainable option for customers to collectively reduce the environmental impact of products, while also offering cost, time, and space savings.

More and more retailers are adding rental and circular initiatives to their sales, which diversifies revenue with new channels in addition to shifting to conscious consumption and meeting evolving consumer preferences. It also showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility which can have a positive effect on brand image and values.

‘Designing for longevity is at the heart of what we do, and it is key to reducing the environmental footprint of our clothes. Services that facilitate reuse play a major role in our industry going forward, and rental is an excellent way of making our children's clothes available to be loved and used over and over again by several wearers’, says Sofia Snöborgs Tüll, Head of Production and Sustainability at Arket.

‘With little ones outgrowing clothes at lightning speed, renting is a smart choice to make family life easier, whilst protecting our planet. We are so excited that ARKET’s now joined Bundlee’s rental revolution and are supporting our vision of a future where quality children’s clothes can be loved by multiple families’, says Eve Kekeh, Founder and CEO at Bundlee.

Last November Allied Market Research published a report titled "Kids Wear Market by Product Type and Distribution Type, predicting the market value to reach 286.9 billion dollars by 2032.

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