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Astrid & Miyu launches bespoke necklace service

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Astrid & Miyu ‘Story Chain’ bespoke necklace service Credits: Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu, the UK’s fastest-growing jewellery brand, has launched a new bespoke necklace service to allow customers to create personalised chains.

The brand’s new bespoke fine jewellery welding service ‘Story Chain,’ follows the success of welded bracelets that Astrid & Miyu launched in September 2019 and allows customers to personalise 9k solid gold necklaces with up to seven semi-precious and solid gold charms.

Rebeckah Farndale, welding mentor at Astrid & Miyu, said in a statement: “This new service is a really exciting one for us to share with our Astrid & Miyu community, offering each individual their very own beautiful bespoke necklace.

“This gives our followers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create something distinctive with an interactive and specialised consultation process in store to create the perfect personalised gift for a loved one, a friend or to have as an everlasting wearable memory and being made with 9k solid gold will maintain its quality and shine.”

Astrid & Miyu ‘Story Chain’ bespoke necklace service Credits: Astrid & Miyu

The 9k solid gold charms start at 30 pounds each and include zodiacs, initials, birthstones and hearts. The chains range from 200 to 275 pounds.

Customers can build their ‘Story Chain’ via the visual online builder on the brand’s website or book a Story Chain Consultation in its Spitalfields store in London for a one-on-one appointment with a stylist. The personalised service has a 30-pound service charge.

Connie Nam, founder and chief executive at Astrid & Miyu, added: “For the first time we’re so proud to be able to offer something completely new for our community and to also target additional consumers who were wanting a more personalised piece of bespoke jewellery, giving our customers the opportunity to use their wonderful memories and stories to build their own story chain, which is something they will never want to take off, building on their wonderful memories.”

Astrid & Miyu