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Browns launch conscious T-shirts with five designers

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Browns

Luxury retailer Browns has teamed ups with Bethany Williams, J.W. Anderson, Martine Rose, Phipps and Robyn Lynch on an exclusive capsule of conscious T-shirts inspired by what they are grateful for.

Entitled ‘Gra-T-tube,’ the exclusive capsule collection is part of Browns conscious edit, and each designer highlights a different way for fashion to be produced and consumed consciously. From using organic cotton and non-toxic dyes on garments to featuring recycled polyester labels and recycled paper swing tags and using natural enzymes and a transparent supply chain in LA.

Bethany Williams takes the opportunity to pay homage to her community by thanking them for their support alongside featuring a flowchart of her production, while J.W. Anderson focuses on reflection with his mantra ‘Keep Looking Up,’ and Martine Rose, who is most grateful for her children, takes an old season motif coloured in by her son with the brand name written underneath by her daughter.

Image: Browns - Bethany Williams Gra-T-tube

Commenting on her design, Bethany Williams said in a statement: “I’m thankful for all our crafts-makers and the whole community for their support this past turbulent year. I’ve portrayed this with a visual flowchart diagram and imagery, that explains our network and system of production for which we are grateful for.”

Spencer Phipps of Phipps takes inspiration from the planet with a multicoloured hand-dyed organic cotton tee that "celebrates some of the fundamental ideas that help to form my own sense of gratitude towards the universe,” and Irish designer Robyn Lynch has showcased her love of home with a graphic design in the colours of the Irish flag.

Image: Browns - Robyn Lynch Gra-T-tube

Robyn Lynch added: “The graphic inspired for this T-shirt was taken from my mam’s hand-me-down from her first summer holiday with her friends, when she was about 18 years old. I share this T-shirt with my sister, and we have a strict ‘3-wear-wash rule’ to keep the T-shirt going as long as possible. I think this echoes how much clothing can be worn and cherished as a message of sustainability. I also reworked the original colours to mimic the Irish flag with green, white and orange.”

The five T-shirts are available online at brownsfashion.com.

Image: Browns - Phipps Gra-T-tube
Image: Browns - JW Anderson and Martine Rose Gra-T-tube
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