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Chelsie Lane launches lipstick with Papa Johns

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Chelsie Lane

For make-up fans who like things spicy, Chelsie Lane cosmetics has created a limited-edition chorizo style lipstick to celebrate pizza takeaway chain Papa Johns new chorizo range globally.

The premium lipstick, encased in a sleek metallic holder, has been designed to replicate the texture of the spicy sausage and features flecks of deep red and burnt orange, creating an on-trend marbled effect.

The natural sheer butter base of the lipstick has also been infused with an authentic chorizo style and paprika-infused scent for a subtle spicy, smokey hit.

Jo Blundell, vice president of international marketing at Papa John’s, said in a statement: “Gen Zs love experimenting with flavour, which is why we’ve taken that passion to another level and teamed up with Chelsie Lane cosmetics who has produced a Chorizo Style Lipstick – to delight beauty and pizza fans everywhere.”

The Chorizo Style Lipstick, which is cruelty-free, vegetarian, halal compliant and fully recyclable, is available to buy for 35 pounds via Chelsie Lane’s website.

Chelsie Lane