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Coach says it has stopped burning merchandise

By FashionUnited

12 Oct 2021


Image: es.coach.com

Famed American leather goods brand Coach has said it will stop burning damaged and unsalable merchandise after a TikTok video of them slashing handbags went viral, the Business of Fashion reports.

The video, broadcast by environmental activist Anna Saks, otherwise known as @thetrashwalker, showed the influencer displaying Coach items she purchased from influencer “Dumpster Diving Mama’ who sells items she finds in the garbage.

Sacks accused Coach of destroying most of its excess inventory in interest of tax benefits. Coach refuted this claim saying most of their inventory is donated and the product being destroyed represents less than 1 percent of its inventory. It also refuted they receive any tax benefits on unsalable products.

Coach has said they are committed to sustainability, and they are working on solutions to repurpose and recycle unsalable goods. Luxury fashion brands have come under fire before for the practice of burning unsalable or out of season merchandise. Burberry came under fire in 2018 for burning 40 million dollars’ worth of merchandise.