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Ebay and Nike reissue the iconic ‘eBay Dunk’

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Ebay

Online marketplace Ebay and sports giant Nike are reissuing the ‘Nike SB eBay Dunk’ to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Nike Dunk sneaker.

Ebay is auctioning 10 limited-edition pairs of the new ‘Nike SB eBay Dunk,’ featuring two versions of the original sneakers, which have been coloured to resemble the marketplace’s signature logo, to raise money for the Bodecker Foundation.

The sneakers pay homage to the samples of the original pair, which were cut into pieces to protect the value of the other wearable pair. It was then auctioned off on Ebay for an unprecedented 30,000 US dollars. The winning bidder’s identity was kept a secret, but eBay has now revealed the winner as Sandy Bodecker, the mastermind designer behind Nike SB. That one-of-a-kind pair remains in the possession of The Bodecker Foundation.

Image: Ebay

To commemorate the shoe’s history and Bodecker, Ebay is holding an international auction for 10 limited-edition skateable shoe boxes. Each box features a collectors tribute pair of ‘eBay Dunk’ sneakers, with 1 shoe cut into pieces as a homage to the original pair, along with a commemorative saw, and a pair of the 2022 Nike SB eBay Dunk release.

The auction ends on December 14, ahead of the general release in skate shops from December 15, and via the SNKRS app from December 17.

“Twenty years ago, Sandy Bodecker set out to establish Nike’s place in the skateboarding world,” said Hunter Muraira, senior manager of sneakers demand at Ebay and former Nike SB team member in a statement. “The eBay Dunk was a big part of his vision, and it’s incredible that the storied sneaker is making a comeback.”

Image: Ebay

Fans will get their first look at the new 2022 Nike SB eBay Dunk at SneakerCon this weekend, which returns to Olympia London on December 10.

In addition, Ebay and Nike will open the inaugural “Skate ‘Em Out” store in Portland, Oregon on December 9 and 10 giving sneakerheads access to coveted SB Dunks like the SB Dunk Low Pro x Grateful Dead “Opti Yellow,” Dunk High SB “De La Soul” and SB Dunk Low “Sour Apple”. As further homage to the brand’s legacy, all SB Dunks at the Skate ‘Em Out store will be offered at the original 2003 MSRP of 65 US dollars.

Image: Ebay