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Essēn The Label collaborates with sustainable platform Renoon

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Essēn The Label

Footwear brand Essēn The Label has launched a new ‘transparency is the new luxury’ initiative in collaboration with sustainability platform Renoon to further its transparency and traceability efforts.

In partnership with Renoon, Essēn The Label will share complete visibility on the impact of each of its products through verifiable data via a customised widget on its website. The Renoon widget will launch with the brand’s bestselling style the ‘Foundation Flat,’ before being progressively rolled out across the business in May.

The widget shows a recyclability score, alongside brand responsibility across environmental protection, human wellbeing, animal ethics, innovation and technology, and circularity and consumption, as well as energy savings.

In addition, there is an extensive transparency report of where the product was manufactured, where the raw materials, trims and components came from, as well as how many people were involved in the production, distance travelled, and packaging.

The collaboration aims to empower shoppers with all the information they need to make responsible choices before they buy.

Marre Muijs, founder and creative director of Essēn The Label, said in a statement: "A luxury product can only be considered luxury if made in ethical working conditions and using certified materials. The most valuable resources are people and the planet and there is a moral duty to protect them throughout a brand's entire manufacturing process.

"In order to do so, we must be accountable and use simple but effective parameters to measure the impact of our products so consumers know what they are buying from the offset."

This is the latest traceability initiative launched by the footwear brand, two years ago it introduced blockchain technology into its manufacturing and distribution processes to provide consumers with the ability to trace the complete product journey through each stage of the supply chain via a QR code on each shoe box.

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