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Fanfare Label launches recycled denim collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Fanfare Label

Independent sustainable fashion brand Fanfare Label has launched a new recycled denim collection using post-consumer recycled cotton and organic cotton.

The Fanfare Label jeans have been designed to be fully transparent, from sourcing the fabrics to the production, as well as being made to last and be easily recyclable.

The new recycled denim collection is manufactured in Portugal in a certified ethical factory and made from 69 percent organic cotton, 20 percent post-consumer recycled denim, 9 percent recycled bottles and 2 percent recycled polyester. The jeans are also GOTS, GRS, OCS, and OEKO-TEX certified.

Image: Fanfare Label

Fanfare Label has also ensured that the jeans are fully recyclable by removing all rivets from their jeans and replacing them with embroidery. It has also reduced the number of labels attached to the jeans by printing them on the inside pockets. They have also used recycled materials instead of virgin materials and made sure that the alternative buttons and zippers are easily removable and can be reused.

In addition, the brand has used laser technology to change the colour of the jeans, which means that its products save 92 percent more water than conventional denim fabrics.

The Fanfare Label recycled denim collection is available online at fanfarelabel.com, with prices ranging from 165 to 225 pounds.

Image: Fanfare Label
Image: Fanfare Label
Image: Fanfare Label
Image: Fanfare Label
Image: Fanfare Label
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