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Fashion tech: Consumers can now virtually try-on 3D necklaces

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image courtesy Perfect Corp.

Online shopping for jewellery, specifically necklaces, has just been made easier with a new virtual try-on solution launched by Perfect Corp.

Jewellery, like fashion, is size and fit sensitive, and digital innovation in the sector allows retailers and jewellery brands to boost online customer shopping experiences.

In a statement Perfect Corp. said the virtual try-on technology allows brands to digitise their product collections, offering necklace try-on for various styles and lengths. Precise real-time AI neck and clavicle tracking gives users an ultra-realistic AR try-on experience, recreating the look and feel of a physical necklace. With the use of Physically Based Rendering Technology and 3D AR, high-resolution textures and material reflections give virtual necklaces an incredibly realistic appearance. The technology also features simulated motion physics and rigid body dynamics to ensure that the AR necklace renderings simulate realistic movement and follow the user as they move in real time.

While virtual try-on technology for garments has existed for several years, major online retailers are yet to incorporate the technology into their websites. Perfect Corp., an AI and AR beauty and fashion tech solutions provider listed in New York, has been a pioneer in transforming shopping experiences for the digital age, having previously launched a suite of apps for virtually trying-on make-up products and performing skin diagnoses.

“Today’s fashion consumers are seeking personalized and immersive shopping experiences. Whether they are shopping online or in-store, AI and AR technology is now integral for providing these elevated experiences.” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang, “We are thrilled to introduce our new AI-powered virtual try-on solution for necklaces to the jewelry space. This technology has great potential to enhance the shopping journey and increase purchasing confidence, while providing consumers with a seamless and personalized way to find their perfect product fit.”

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