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Ganni launches rental-only collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Danish fashion brand Ganni has unveiled a rental-only collection of reworked pieces to celebrate its Copenhagen Fashion Week digital four-day live experience, culminating with a live musical performance on February 4.

The rental ‘Stage’ collection is the brand’s latest iteration of its fashion pop-up concept, Ganni Kiosk, and will be available to rent in Denmark and the UK on Ganni Repeat repeat.ganni.com.

Consisting of 26 styles, the collection expands upon the musical inspiration of the Ganni Love Forever digital live experience and features a selection of unique, custom made past-season Ganni pieces that have been embroidered, spray painted, reimagined with cut-outs and embellished by hand.

Standout styles include a rhinestone-encrusted cone bra leather jacket, a two-tone sequin denim jacket, and hand-painted flame boots.

Commenting on the collection, Ditte Reffstrup, creative director, Ganni, said: “This season, we wanted to create a ‘stage collection’ to mark the energy of the live performance and our love for music. I thought back to watching MTV and concerts when I was a teen.

“Think iconic looks from David Bowie, Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour or a sprinkle of Elton John sequins. We were inspired by the transformative power of fashion and how when you walk out on stage, you can be anyone.”

The collection also champions young local talent, Copenhagen artist and costume designer, Nanna Bernholm, who worked with Reffstrup to create custom-made pieces, with a focus on responsibly reusing and reworking existing styles and fabrics from previous Ganni collections.

Each of the styles can be rented out, with the consumer choosing to rent for one, two or up to three weeks. Rental prices range from 26 pounds for a tie-dye long-sleeve T-shirt to 78 pounds for an embellished heart fringe leather vest for a week.

Ganni hosts a musical digital live experience for autumn/winter 2021

The four-day musical experience taking place during Copenhagen Fashion Week until February 4 is live on the brand’s website and social media channels and showcases the autumn/winter 2021 collection through the medium of music.

Described as an “upbeat, inclusive” approach to a digital fashion week presentation, the concept explores Reffstrup’s love for music, while also allowing the brand to champion three international female artists from Copenhagen, Los Angeles and New York to bring the collection to life - Coco O., Deb Never and Zsela.

Throughout the week, each artist will share uplifting love songs with the Ganni community, alongside the autumn/winter collection. Songs will include cover songs of Ditte’s most coveted 90’s bangers plus original tracks from the artists.

Reffstrup, added: “In these chaotic times, we wanted to create something beaming with energy, to spread some positivity and optimism right now. Our autumn/winter 2021 collection is all about love. Our love for life, for music and all the things we took for granted. Music is my biggest source of inspiration. I miss the dance floor and the energy that music gives me. I can’t wait to experience these super talented artists and their take on some of my favourite songs.

“A song can be a way of encapsulating a moment and give you a feeling of hope in times that feel uncertain. And a reminder that whatever you are going through, it will be okay. The beauty of this digital concept is that everyone is invited to join us both behind the scenes throughout the week and for the final performance.”

Images: courtesy of Ganni

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