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Giesswein launches world's lightest Merino wool sneaker

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

20 Jul 2020


Family-run footwear brand Giesswein is claiming to have launched the world's lightest Merino wool sneaker with its latest product launch.

The new Giesswein ‘Wool Sneaker’ is only 160g, almost half the weight of an average running shoe, and the equivalent to 100 paper clips, 150 jelly beans, 160 feathers or even 800 raindrops explains the brand.

The aim of the new unisex sneaker is to revolutionising a “lightweight feel” by utilising a thin upper material made from our unique 3D stretch Merino wool and ultra-light EVA foam soles, which are proven to last longer than a traditional rubber sole.

As well as being lightweight, the Wool Sneaker is also both temperature and moisture-regulating, which means sweat-free feet and they have been designed to allow the wearer to be barefoot and go sock-free, as the sneakers can be machine washed as 30°C (90°F.). In addition, the Wool Sneakers have unique Merino interchangeable footbed offers even more comfort.

The new unisex lightweight sneaker comes in a range of colours including pink, yellow, red, navy blue, black, grey and white, priced 89 pounds.

Giesswein was founded as a family business and is currently being run by the third generation, Markus and Johannes Giesswein. Based in Austria, Giesswein is the largest and number 1 producer of wool shoes across Europe and in 2019 sold more than 1 million woolen shoes.

Images: courtesy of Giesswein