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Gobi cashmere expands into footwear

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Gobi launches cashmere sneaker Credits: Gobi website

Gobi, a company founded in 1981 that produces cashmere products in Mongolia, is launching a footwear category. Drawing on over five decades of expertise as a sustainable cashmere brand, the company has launched low and high-top versions of a cashmere shoe, blending comfort, style and elegance.

With a commitment to reshaping the luxury landscape while ensuring accessible cashmere products that maintain unwavering quality, Gobi said it extended its reach beyond its existing range of apparel and accessories. Where most companies have a long and complex global supply chain system, as a Mongolian company focused on sustainability and value, Gobi sources locally, helping to reduce the cost and waste associated with supply chain issues.

Following its development, Gobi said it infused its cashmere into a timeless sneaker design. The footwear styles are meant to effortlessly harmonise with tailoring and casual outfits alike, whether paired with a suit, jeans, a classic cashmere sweater, or a simple tee.

As a direct to consumer brand (DTC) Gobi makes all its products at its factory in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where everything from raw cashmere processing to yarn creation to final production is done in-house. By cutting out the middlemen of wholesale, retail prices are kept fair, without added margins.