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Hush to launch a collection created by its in-house interns

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Hush

Womenswear brand Hush is launching its first-ever Intern Collection created by its in-house interns working across design, buying, merchandising, garment technology, sustainability and marketing on May 13.

The collection is a curated selection of nine pieces featuring “bold colours, vibrant prints, and mood-boosting designs” created by Hush’s interns, which led the creative process from start to finish in a year-long paid programme that the brand set up in 2020.

The interns took inspiration from artist Vernon Panton’s work, whose euphoric aesthetics dominated the 1960s for the collection. With an eye-catching floral print becoming the main motif, hand-drawn by the in-house design intern, who has since been promoted to a permanent assistant designer position. The floral print can be seen on a strap top, a midi dress, a maxi skirt and scrunchies.

Image: Hush

Other highlights include the knitting techniques in the kimono sleeve jumper, the jumpsuit with adjustable straps, as well as the unbleached jeans and matching denim overshirt.

Hush celebrates young talent with Intern Collection to raise funds for Hackney Empire

As the collection was created by young talent, Hush also announced a partnership with theatre Hackney Empire and its Creative Futures Programme, an initiative to support local, young artists and creatives, by allowing access to a year-round, free programme of events, workshops and development courses.

The partnership will see Hush donating 20 percent of profits from the sales of pieces from the Intern Collection to the Creative Futures Programme.

Image: Hush

Mandy Watkins, founder of Hush, said in a statement: “Everyone here is so excited to see what our interns have achieved, and we can’t wait to share the results of their talents and hard work with the launch of our first-ever intern collection.

“I feel very fortunate to work in a place where every day I’m surrounded by so many bright, enthusiastic young people - and I love that we can give them the opportunity to explore their creativity either via our own intern programme or via our partnership with Hackney Empire’s Creative Futures programme.”

Rachael Horowitz, head of learning and participation at Hackney Empire, added: “We’re excited to partner with Hush as their chosen charity for their first intern collection which, like Hackney Empire, develops young people’s creativity and talent.

“The brilliant collection, designed by young people, will support more new talent through Hackney Empire Creative Futures - a programme by and for young people that platforms the next generation of creatives and decision makers.”

Hush’s Intern Collection will be available exclusively on the brand’s website from May 13, with prices ranging from 5 to 99 pounds.

Image: Hush
Image: Hush
Image: Hush