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Iris van Wees and Garciabello win big at Fashionclash Festival

By FashionUnited

6 Nov 2019

Fashionclash held its eleventh edition last weekend. During the fashion festival, various prizes were awarded, including the Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019. This year, Iris van Wees, who also participated in Lichting 2019 earlier this year, and Garciabello were awarded prizes.

Garciabello went home with the jury prize of 2,500 euros. Iris van Wees won the public award which was 1,000 euros. The honourable mention of the jury went to Elke Lutgerink. The jury consisted of John de Greef, Emy Demkes, Marlo Saalmink and Sjaak Hullekes.

Besides the Fashion Makes Sense 2019 Award, six other awards were presented during the three-day event. The Fashionclash Festival Talent Award 2019 went to TVDN (Tom van der Borght) and he also won the Clash Award. The Chapeau Magazine Talent Award went to Max Niereisel and the NextGen Award went to Chiron Floris. Teun Seuren's fashion brand Teun went home with the NextLevel Award and Michelle Cornelissen won the Body Alumni Award.

About Fashionclash

Fashionclash Festival is an initiative of the Maastricht-based foundation, Fashionclash, an innovative, interdisciplinary development platform and international network that focuses on a new generation of designers and performing artists. Fashionclash goes beyond the presentation of the latest trends on the catwalk and connections are made between talent, cultures, artistic disciplines, education, the public and fashion. This makes fashion accessible to a wide audience. By using the festival as a platform, Fashionclash wants to show that the art of fashion can contribute to the debate on the role it plays in our society and within art & culture.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited NL and BE. The text has been translated for an international audience with additional information contributed by Aileen Yu

Photos: courtesy of FashionClash. Homepage photo credited to Pasarella Photography