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Jeanologia disrupts industry with debut ‘Zero Discharge’ denim finishing plant

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Jeanologia, the Spanish sustainable garment finishing specialist, is set to present the world’s first denim finishing plant which guarantees ‘zero’ pollution this afternoon at the ITM in Milan, Italy. The sustainable company aims to transform the textile industry by achieving what it calls “a perfect production cycle” within it’s new ‘Zero discharge production centre’. The introduction of the Zero represents: “a revolution in the textile industry,” according to CEO at Jeanologia, Enrique Silla.

The debut denim treatment plan is said to recycle 100 percentage of all water usages through the new Zero technology, thereby eliminating any waste, the need for water treatment as well as the use of pumice stone. According to Jeanologia, the intelligent treatment plant will enable a 90 percent saving on water each year within the global denim production, thanks to the combination of Jeannologia’s three technologies: the light of the laser, wet and dry Ozone G2 and the nano bubbles of the reactor eFlow.

Jeanologia presents world's first Zero waste denim finishing plant

The efficient combination of these different techniques, which where develop over the past 20 years, in turn reduces water consumption by 90 percent, the use of chemicals by 90 percent and energy consumption by 50 percent. With the global denim industry currently using approximately 350 million cubic meters of water, Jeanologia predicts that it’s new intelligent treatment plant Zero will achieve a water saving of a whopping 315 million cubic meters.

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The sustainable company believes that by 2020, 80 percent of the global production of denim will be generated by zero discharge centres “At Jeanologia we have managed to transform the way that jeans are produced, by way of technologies that reduce the use of water, chemicals and energy,” said Silla in a press release. “And we are now taking this transformation a step further with our Zero technology, which recycles the water used and eliminates any waste.”

The Spanish company aims to help optimise denim production plants with Zero technology and help reduce waiting times as well as the adaptation from large and smaller scale production. “We are living in a new industrial era, in which automation, sustainability and the intelligent recycling of water will help to make the textile industry a model of transparency, innovation and sustainable practices,” added the company.

With clients covering five continents, including market leaders such as Levi’s, Diesel, Hilfiger Denim and Polo Jeans, Jeanologia hopes that the denim industry will begin to make the shift to more sustainable practices.

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