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Juelle to introduce complete wardrobe solutions

By Sujata Sachdeva

18 Nov 2014

Women’s brand Juelle is in for a major revamp by next year. A total wardrobe change is in the pipeline. “Host of new varieties would become a part of our clothing line. The product is going to be more stylish, versatile and leveraged with more aesthetic value. Production-wise, we are also increasing our capacity by 20 to 25 percent in coming months,” explains Guneet Singh, Director of Juelle.

Fresh offerings for the winter

“Heavy woollens are completely out this season thanks to consumers’ increasing appetite for lighter and casual clothes, which help them feel both cosy and stylish. This trend is visible perfectly in our range of new blends and compositions such as cotton-nylon, cotton-Lycra and cotton viscose,” says Singh.

“As far as shades are concerned, bright and earthen colours are overshadowing light and soft ones. By bringing all these developments together, we can say the upcoming winters are going to be a light and bright affair,” says Singh. He feels, no matter what one wears today elements of style and uniqueness are prerequisite. “As we are not only into sweaters but also manufacturing sweatshirts, cardigans and pre-winter tops, we have witnessed drastic makeover in every aspect of clothing right from its making to marketing to its usage,” he adds.

The light weight range is in demand for winter and Juelle is fully pursuing the trend in order to realise the customers’ expectations. While in sweaters category, product prices start from Rs 995, sweatshirts range between Rs 1,195 to Rs 1,495. “As we target the middle class, prices are kept matching their needs and spending power,” informs Singh.

Expanding retail presence

At the moment, Juelle is available through about 1,700 MBOs, out of which 200 have been added recently. Plans are afoot to add 300 more by the outset of next winters to take the numbers up to 2,000 outlets. “Major share of our revenue comes from north India, though we have a pan-India presence. States like Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir contribute a lot to our business portfolio,” avers Singh.

The company’s origin traces back to 2009 and boasts of a French name which was suggested by Singh’s sister. “And that is how we established ourselves in Ludhiana under the brand name of Juelle. The growth has been promising since the beginning as we got success in every vertical we chose to be in,” Singh sums up.