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Kate Bosworth and J Brand fight human trafficking

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

8 May 2018

Actress Kate Bosworth has teamed up with J Brand to raise awareness of the devastation of human trafficking with a limited edition T-shirt to benefit the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking.

The ‘Love Tee’ by Kate Bosworth came about on set while shooting J Brand’s spring collection, when the actress simply personalised the label’s Carolina tee with the word ‘Love’ on the collar and the denim brand’s in-house team decided to re-produce the piece in a limited run to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Commenting on the design, Bosworth states on J Brand’s website: “I thought it could be a powerful message to write the word ‘Love’ on the collar of the shirt, as love is the greatest element to overcome all things dark in this world.

“When you meet survivors of human trafficking, they are all so full of love, despite their past circumstances. Without love, we have nothing; the idea was to keep this notion close to your mind and heart.”

The collaboration coincides with her forthcoming feature film, Nona, about a young Honduran girl who is tricked into becoming a prostitute, co-produced by Bosworth and written and directed by her husband Michael Polish.

The ‘Love Tee’s is available on the J Brand website for 118 dollars and the denim label will be donating 100 percent of net proceeds directly to Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking LA.

Image: J Brand website