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Kate Moss launches wellness-focused beauty line

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Cosmoss

There is another celebrity beauty line in town as supermodel Kate Moss has launched Cosmoss, a skincare and wellness brand offering balance and rejuvenation.

Cosmoss is inspired by Moss’ own wellness journey and is a “celebration of every day exactly as it is, with all its imperfections”. The model, who has fronted numerous brands over the years, developed the wellness brand during lockdown at her home in the Cotswolds when the enforced time allowed her to completely switch off and recuperate.

During that time, Moss said she developed new-found interests including gardening, flower-pressing and wild water swimming, and it was this deeper connection with nature that sparked her imagination to create wellbeing products that celebrate wellness at its core.

Image: Cosmoss

Cosmoss draws on Moss’ life experiences and daily rituals to balance body and soul. It features six products including a cleanser, a face cream, two teas, a fragrance, and a CBD and pro-collagen antioxidant oil, called the ‘Golden Nectar’ formulated with Mythical Tears of Chios.

The curated collection has been designed to be used individually or together, explains the brand, with each product crafted with wellbeing in mind, using “potent, natural substances” that are sustainably sourced, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free.

Image: Cosmoss

Kate Moss shares her daily rituals with new wellness brand Cosmoss

Commenting on her wellness brand, Moss said in a statement: “Cosmoss draws on my life experiences, my journey, and my transformation. Each product has been meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind and designed to unlock new rituals leading you to find inner balance and love.

“Using only the purest most potent ingredients, from the Sacred Mist to the exquisite skincare to the uplifting tea blends, every infusion draws on nature to centre and complete you. A story of reconnection from soul to surface. There is a magic to Cosmoss and I can’t wait for you all to uncover it, just as I did.”

Image: Cosmoss

The packaging of the products takes cues from the mystical mood of the brand, as well as Moss’ love for vintage and decadence, and has been designed to be a “jewel on your bedside table” featuring hues of moss green and antiqued gold to continue the theme of nature.

In addition, Cosmoss also offers a personal look at Moss’ daily rituals for dawn, day and dusk to enhance her wellbeing. At dawn, the supermodel’s daily rituals start with a cleansing Dawn Tea followed by meditation and yoga. As the day begins, she uses the Sacred Mist, layered with her favourite essential oils, to recentre and uplift. Then when dusk falls, Moss ends each day ends with a calming Dusk Tea, drops of Golden Nectar Oil and positive affirmations to calm and unwind. Cosmoss is available now at cosmossbykatemoss.com, with prices ranging from 20 pounds for tea to 120 pounds for her Sacred Mist mood-boosting fragrance.

Image: Cosmoss
Image: Cosmoss
Image: Cosmoss
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