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Labels to Watch: 5 Childrenswear labels to keep an eye on

By Aéris Fontaine


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Credits: Mipounet. Advertising campaign.

Clothing for adults presents itself in a variety of aesthetics, and children's fashion is no exception. From princess dresses to timeless pieces and clothes with a more sporty feel or elegant lines, the brands, which operate in this segment, display very distinct universes. In this article, FashionUnited has selected five labels that are shaping children's fashion.


Credits: Mori, Facebook

British label Mori offers pieces with simple designs in soft, natural tones. Its range includes day and nightwear for babies and children as well as a wide selection of accessories such as hats, mittens and booties.

The Zip-Up Sleepover night suit, which ranges from 0 to 18-24 months, is one of the company's bestsellers. It retails for 33 pounds, and is available in stripes, polka dots or solid colour versions. Another popular item from the brand is the Mori Original Joggers, a comfortable jogging suit with a tight fit around the ankles and waist, priced at 25 pounds. The Dino Recycled Waterproof, a navy blue coat styled with grey details that echo the spikes seen on certain dinosaurs, cost 65 pounds. It is lined with 100 percent recycled polyester micro-fleece.

Credits: Mori, Facebook

Mori, which claims a more sustainable approach, makes a large proportion of its items such as its jumpsuits, bodysuits but also its children's cardigans from a blend composed of 30 percent organic cotton and 70 percent bamboo.

Founded in 2015, Mori has an e-shop as well as its own boutique based at 97 Northcote Road in London. The company is distributed through international retailers located in the US, Spain, Singapore and Canada. It is also present on the French market at Émeu, a concept store dedicated to the world of children, which has a shop at 156 avenue Ledru-Rollin in Paris.


Credits: Raquette.

Tennis is the major inspiration behind the Raquette brand, which decided in 2020 to reinterpret the aesthetic traditionally associated with the sport to create a wardrobe that is "comfortable, versatile and functional in a modern style", it declared on its e-shop.

The company focuses on a streetwear style expressed through sweatshirts, joggers, tennis skirts, oversized dresses and zip-up polo shirts. The garments can be worn out on the town or for sporting activities, and are designed to fit "on and off the pitch". They are aimed at children and teenagers aged 3 to 12.

The Purple Clay Longsleeve model, a burgundy jumper with a round neck and long sleeves, is priced at 38 euros on the brand's e-shop. The matching jogging bottoms are sold separately for 58 euros. The iconic tennis skirt, revisited in a bright orange pleated version and tightened at the waist with a white cord, is priced at 68 euros. The City Bomber 365, a quilted taupe bomber with button-up front, costs 125 euros.

Credits: Raquette.

On its e-commerce site, Raquette offers consumers the chance to buy its past collections at discounted prices. The company claims to donate 1 percent of its annual revenues to organisations that fight for the environmental cause.

The Barcelona-based brand is available in France at kidswear store Cémarose in Cannes. It is also sold in the Parisian boutique Little & Cool, a company specialising in the sale of clothing and toys for children and babies. It can also be purchased via the US e-commerce platform Whoopikids.


Credits: Mipounet. Campaign imagery.

Although the French names of its collections may be misleading, the Mipounet brand is indeed of Spanish origin. Launched in 2018 in Valencia, it stands out thanks to children's items with a romantic and poetic spirit.

The brand’s autumn-winter 2023 collection, entitled "Marvellous Creature", incorporated a cream cardigan dotted with blue flowers, a caramel jumper with puffed sleeves and a wide openwork knit collar or a pale pink midi dress with oversized balloon sleeves and a cloud-shaped collar.

The brand also offers a selection of pieces for little boys such as short-sleeved gingham shirts, knitted jumpers and round-neck sweatshirts decorated with one or more birds.

Credits: Mipounet. Campaign imagery.

Mipounet clothes are on average priced between 45 and 164 euros, excluding sale items. Bobs, meanwhile, are 35 euros.

Mipounet attests to producing timeless pieces in reduced quantities "so as not to overproduce stock and to prioritise quality over quantity", the company stated on its e-shop.

The brand, which is only present online, is resold at Instant Louvre, a concept store dedicated to children's fashion in Bruyères-le-Châtel in Essonne. It can also be purchased via online retailers such as Ladida, Bambini Fashion, and Maisonette.


Credits: Marsou, Facebook

Founded in 2018, French e-shop Marsou dedicated to children opts for classics carefully reinvented by playing on materials, patterns or even the choice of collars.

The retailer’s "Wolf coat", features a pointed hood, small round pockets, a buttonhole positioned on the side and a fleece fleece lining. Made in France, it retails for 96 euros. The 'Zebra A Col' cardigan, which features a ruffled collar and a series of buttons at the front, is made entirely from GOTS-certified organic terry cotton. It retails for 42 euros on the brand's e-shop.

Credits: Marsou, Facebook

The Reidi romper with leopard print and claudine collar and the Becassine pyjamas, one of the brand's essentials, are priced at 59 and 49 euros respectively.

Marsou products are available from French second-hand children's and baby goods platforms Smala and Nono & Nora, as well as the UK’s childrenswear site Junior Edition.

Antoinette Paris

Credits: Antoinette Paris, Facebook

"The first idea was to bring the heritage of traditional French clothing to the United States," said Antoinette Paris founder Aurelia de Sailly on the brand's e-commerce site.

Antoinette Paris, which was launched in 2017, is a French clothing brand for children aged 3 months to 10 years. It stands out through an elegant and feminine aesthetic embodied by extravagant yet delicate dresses.

Antoinette Paris offers a range of choices when it comes to dresses, which can be in plain silk, tartan patterns, with sleeves that are somewhat rolled up or completely puffed up, collarless or with a claudine collar, in a straight or rather puffed cut, sometimes adorned with flowers, butterflies or other embellishments. However, they are almost always knee-length, colourful and give those who wear them a princess look for a day.

The dresses are on average priced at 150 euros. The brand also offers a number of pieces for little boys, including dungarees inspired by Christmas decorations at 141.95 euros.

Antoinette Paris has an e-shop in English on which it sells its products. It is also distributed through the American children's marketplace Maisonnette.

Credits: Antoinette Paris, Facebook
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