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Labels to Watch: 5 modest fashion brands from IMFW24 that redefine global fashion

By Simone Preuss


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Beachwear by Citizens of the World, USA, at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

The Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion Co event series took place for the ninth time this year and has made a name for itself in almost a decade. The event, which can take place twice a year, began in 2016 in Fişekhane Gallery in Istanbul and was held in London (2017), Jakarta (2018), Dubai (2017, 2019, 2021), Amsterdam (2019) and Riyadh (2022) in subsequent years.

It is an important opportunity for retailers to discover the versatility of modest fashion. After all, the market is far from exhausted: it is estimated to grow from 254 billion US dollars today to 473 billion US dollars in just a few years.

Creation by Ahsannazir. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

This year, the fashion shows of the modest fashion brands for spring/summer 2024 took place from 25 to 27 April in the historic venue Fişekhane in Istanbul, bringing the pioneering city full circle. Under the motto "A Unique Fashion Call for Solidarity", 24 fashion shows were organised by labels from countries such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Serbia, South Africa, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and, of course, Turkey.

In addition, there were 29 brand booths, 11 talk shows, various experience points and a mini art gallery at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 (IMFW 24). FashionUnited followed the fashion shows online and presents five inspiring fashion labels - in alphabetical order - from IMFW 24.


Pakistani designer Ahsan Nazir caught the audience's attention with a soft and feminine collection by his eponymous label, which included various shades of pink, lace and embroidery as well as long, loose satin dresses. “The collection is a must for anyone who needs a feminine touch in their wardrobe,” he stated.

Designer Ahsan Nazir from Pakistan at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

During the fashion show on Thursday 25 April, Nazir presented his latest collection "Whispers of Lahore", inspired by the architectural beauty of Lahore. Elegance and modernity came together in the form of silk and delicate embroidery, appealing to those with a touch of romance.

Ensemble “Aster” by Ahsannazir. Credits: Ahsannazir

“For me, the power and strength lies in romance and femininity. I make clothes for women who feel comfortable, strong and independent. I started in Lahore and San Francisco, and the romance and details are the inspiration I bring from these cities. But always with the elegance and lightness that characterises me. It has to feel effortless,” commented the designer before the fashion show. 

About Ahsannazir:

  • Founded: 2006 by Ahsan Nazir.
  • Target group: All those who appreciate both modesty and contemporary style.
  • Sales: Via the own online shop.
  • Prices: between 350 and 2,200 US dollars.
  • Production: Made in a local workshop by a team of artisans.

Citizens of the Word

US brand Citizens of the World presented its spring/summer collection 2024 full of bright colours and playful designs on Friday, 26th April.

Kimono by Citizens of the World. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week.

The seven-piece collection consisted of a Hanley dress, a ruffled dress, a kimono, a two-piece pant set, beach towels and sarongs as well as a one-piece swimming costume with matching turban, alluding to the brand’s beginnings as a swimwear brand and signalling the arrival of warmer months. All pieces are available in three colours and in sizes XS to XXL.

Casual wear by US label Citizens of the World. Credits: Citizens of the World

Founding Citizens of the World was fuelled by a desire to redefine contemporary fashion. In the midst of dynamic trend shifts from fast fashion to high fashion to street styles, founder Sarah Shihadeh realised that her clothing needs were not being adequately met. “In my opinion, fashion is very focused on artistic designs and structures of garments and has lost the basic essence,” she says.

About Citizens of the World:

  • Founded: 2016 by Sarah Shihadeh in New York City.
  • Target group:Women who appreciate fashion that seamlessly combines style and practicality to suit their diverse lifestyles.
  • Sales: All items are available from the brand’s own online shop.
  • Prices: Between 103 and 229 US dollars.

Hukka Design

Turkish label Hukka Design presented its colourful ready-to-wear collection on Friday, 26th April. It was full of bright red, orange and blue colours and botanical patterns.

Ensemble in orange by Hukka Design. Credits: Hukka Design

As a contrast to the colourful creations, social media content creator Niki Shah walked the catwalk in an all-black look as the brand's muse, standing out from the other models.

The colourful Hukka Design collection at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week with influencer Niki Shah in all black. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

About Hukka Design:

  • Founded: 2012 in Istanbul.
  • Target group:Women who place importance on dressing well, regardless of their lifestyle.
  • Sales: More than 150 stores in various cities in Turkey and in 27 different countries as well as online.
  • Prices: On request.


Egyptian label MRGD's collection (pronounced “Merged”) was probably one of the most versatile of those seen at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. In an exclusive fashion show on Friday, 26th April, the label showcased different silhouettes and styles, including long, loose everyday dresses, figure-hugging satin evening gowns and a few daring silhouettes.

MRGD from Egypt showed its versatile collection at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

While a monochrome colour palette dominated the collection, one could also find some dresses with floral prints. MRGD's focus is on unique craftsmanship and high-quality materials to create timeless designs that last.

Different styles of a summer dress by MRGD in pastel colours. Credits: MRGD

About MRGD:

  • Bestsellers: Maxi dresses, long summer dresses and white summer trousers with wide legs.
  • Target group: People who feel empowered by the brand's garments and want to protect the planet by adhering to sustainable standards throughout the production process.
  • Sales: Online via the website eg.mrgd.co and Instagram.
  • Prices: In the lower price range.

Niharika Momtaz

Designerin Niharika Momtaz from Bangladesh wowed the audience at her fashion show on Friday, 26th April with a couture collection that featured a variety of colours such as electric blue and emerald green as well as neutrals, pastels and white in feminine silhouettes with faux furs and glitter.

Haute couture by Nikarika Momtaz at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. Credits: Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

The label created the new eco-conscious, sustainable, luxurious and vegan E-Studio line “1972 Conscious” to bring products that reflect traditional art forms to conscious consumers. “We wanted to show how centuries-old art can be translated into a bold contemporary design that fits perfectly with modern fashion,” said Momtaz about the sustainable luxury line.

Evening gown and jewellery by Niharika Momtaz. Credits: Niharika Momtaz

The label has set itself the goal that all products should be made from recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2035; 45 percent of the materials used are already sustainable. “We use yarns made from cotton, linen and sustainable silk as well as waste from clothing factories for zero-waste weaving. We also use recyclable materials such as old coins, brass, copper, silver, gold and conflict-free diamonds to make jewellery,” explained the label.

About Niharika Momtaz:

  • Founded: 2012 by Niharika Momtaz.
  • Target group: Fashion- and environmentally conscious women.
  • Sales: By appointment.
  • Production: Mostly handmade or handwoven under ethical conditions and made from sustainable fabrics in Bangladesh.
  • Prices: On request.
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