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‘Made in Britain’ appeals to international consumers

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

19 Mar 2018

The ‘Made in Britain’ trademark stamp, as seen on fashion products, chocolates and even cars, makes products more appealing for international consumers, according to a new report from delivery specialist Whistl.

Its research found that 95 percent of international consumers said that a ‘Made in Britain’ stamp would “positively influence their decision to buy,” as they see it as a sign of quality, while 68 percent stated that they were most likely to make a purchase if the product was made in the UK.

In terms of the most ‘British’ brands, its survey found that it was Burberry, Cadbury’s and Rolls Royce were the three most popular.

With regards to the most British fashion brands searched for on Google, Whistl noted that as well as Burberry, Asos, Next, Topshop, PrettyLittleThing, Sports Direct, Marks and Spencer and New Look were popular.

Asos was noted in the top in five of the six countries outside of the UK, only topped by Burberry and Britain’s biggest fashion retailer Next in China, while PrettyLittleThing hit the top searches in both the US and Australia to showcase its growing influence.

Burberry has global fans in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and despite being the ninth most searched for brand in the UK, it makes the top five in countries such as the US, China and France.

Marks and Spencer was a popular search in the UK, coming second behind Next, as well as Ireland, Cyprus and Hong Kong, while Topshop was made the top 5 in Australia, China, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain and the US.

The research also found that British culture is helping the county’s clothing exports with a 63 percent rise in traditional tweed clothing over the past ten years, driven more recently by the popularity of TV shows such as Peaky Blinders.