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Mango enters metaverse and launches wearables

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Mango

Mango, the Spanish high street fashion group, is entering the metaverse through art. The brand launched three unique works created with Argentine-Hungarian crypto-artist Farka. The art will be exhibited within the Museum District of Decentraland, as part of the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week.

Along with Farkas, who is based in Buenos Aires, Mango will exhibit the pieces Mango Metagirl, Mango Ad Astra and Hanna in the Clouds for a month. The art is inspired by the brand's garments (Lupi, Cinema and Mónica models, respectively) and aim to project the metaverse into the future and the artist's own vision.

“Mango Metagirl is inspired by the concepts of self-confidence and freedom. In the metaverse you can be whatever you want, but the Mango girl trusts herself and presents herself as she is in real life”, saidFarkas. “Mango Ad Astra, on the other hand, represents the path to the future of the woman starring in the piece, while Hanna in the Clouds conveys that the metaverse may be totally customised”, added the artist.

The three NFTs will be exhibited at the coordinates 13.82 in the Museum District of Decentraland, where Mango will have its own area in which it will reproduce a museum. It is an open space, circular in shape and with columns, which will allow the three framed art works to be displayed.

Likewise, the NFTs will be uploaded to the OpenSea platform, one of the main marketplaces for non-fungible tokens, by using blockchain technology, but they will not go on sale. For the development of the pieces, the artist used technological tools such as the free software Blender and he has collaborated with Mango's technology and 3D product design teams.

Image: Mango

Mango debuts wearables

In addition to the art works, Mango will also launch its first three wearables to commemorate the Metaverse Fashion Week. The first, in collaboration with Farkas, will be a virtual reproduction of the Lupi dress, which reflects the Mediterranean values and culture that characterise Mango. This NFT will not go on sale, but it will become part of the company's historical catalogue.

The group will also create two t-shirt NFTs (man and woman models) to commemorate the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week, considered as collectibles. 50 units of both man and woman models will be created: 49 of them will be given away to virtual event attendees and one will remain as property of the company.

Mango's entry into the virtual environment of the metaverse represents a step further in strengthening the ecosystem of channels and partners on which Mango's business model is based. It also reaffirms the company's commitment to digital innovation and exploring new customer channels.

Jordi Álex, Director of Technology, Data, Privacy and Security at Mango, points out that “Mango's development in the metaverse environment is yet another example of the company's innovative character and its strategy based on constant innovation. We have created a specific team dedicated to the development of digital content, where new professionals will be joining in the coming months, in order to develop new projects in the future that will allow us to add the virtual environment to the digital and physical environments in our channel ecosystem”.

Metaverse Fashion Week

The Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) is a global fashion event taking place from 24-27 March virtually on Decentraland, a VR-oriented metaverse platform. Considered the virtual version of the great Fashion Week, in this first edition leading brands will present their NFT fashion collections in virtual catwalks and shopping experiences, in addition to organising a wide variety of parallel events and activities.

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