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Mango launches 40th anniversary heritage collection

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Mango launches Heritage 90s collection Credits: Mango

Mango is kicking off the year by delving into its rich fashion history, having introduced a heritage collection that serves as a homage to the retailer's iconic 90s archives as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. This collection not only pays tribute but also revitalizes the most emblematic looks and patterns from that era, reflecting a nostalgic nod to a defining period in fashion.

The extensive research conducted on Mango's archives has been meticulous, aiming to recover and reinterpret some of the most legendary designs from the 90s. The careful curation serves as the foundation for a new campaign, which was lensed by photographer Mark Borthwick. The resulting imagery captures the essence of a decade that, rather than being confined to the past, is now more contemporary and on-trend than ever.

The collection itself is characterized by a distinct focus on tighter fits and the use of stretch fabrics such as nylon, leather, and denim. These choices not only align with the prevailing fashion trends but also echo the essence of the 90s. Complemented by minimalist designs and a palette dominated by neutral tones, the collection weaves together modern sensibilities with Mango's historical aesthetic.

One outcome of this research journey is the resurgence of Mango's MNG logo. Once a prominent symbol of the brand, it has been carefully reintroduced, adding a touch of nostalgia to contemporary pieces such as denim. The revival of the logo not only serves as a visual link to Mango's past but also highlights the brand's commitment to celebrating its heritage while staying attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.