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Mango's menswear doubles turnover, launches Italian collection with Boglioli

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Mango Man boutique Credits: Courtesy Mango

Mango’s menswear category, Mango Man, has projected a turnover exceeding 325 million euros, effectively doubling its revenue over the past three years. The Spanish high street giant said it aims to establish a presence in 90 countries with 560 stores and an e-commerce website operating in 80 markets.

Mango Man’s success is partly due to its omnichannel approach, with around 70 percent of revenue coming from physical stores and the rest from online sales. The brand's international footprint expanded in 2023, entering new markets like India, Malaysia, Mexico, and Slovakia, while growing in countries such as Belgium, Italy, and Spain. In 2024 Mango said it will open stores in markets like Georgia and Puerto Rico and expanding further in existing markets like like the US and the UK.

At product level Mango Man delivers more timeless fashion than its contemporaries like Zara and H&M, appealing to a wide range of customers and catering beyond the fast fashion trends loved by Gen Z.

Since its inception in 2008, Mango Man has collaborated with a myriad of culture and sports personalities and recently introduced its Selection collection, which emphasizes classic and better made garments. This week Mango launches a partnership with Italian tailoring brand Boglioli, which GQ has since dubbed “quiet luxury for the people”. Called "Mango designed by Boglioli,” the range blends Italian craftsmanship with contemporary Barcelona style, featuring a selection of Boglioli’s signature jackets.

Mango designed by Boglioli launches online this week and in selected stores in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, the UK and US.