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MFW: Gucci unveils Adidas collaboration on the catwalk

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Gucci x Adidas
Gucci unveiled a collaboration with German sportswear giant Adidas at its Milan Fashion Week show.

Like its previous hack with Balenciaga, the collection blended the codes of both brands, intertwining luxury and sportswear, with Gucci unveiling a new logo on Twitter prior to the show, the Adidas three trefoil logo with Gucci written underneath.

The collaboration featured a plethora of sporty fabrics and but opened with the most classic of all styles, the suit, a popular category so far in Milan. It wasn’t until the second look, where a pair of kneelength boots in tracksuit blue with stripes down the side gave an indication how the pairing would unfold. These quintessential stripes, of course, were everywhere. On headwear, the pocket of a double-breasted jacket, inside a blazer’s sleeves or adorned along trouser seams. A red v-neck dress, in what appeared to be a sports jersey fabric, featured a bold shoulder and stripes similar to that of an athletic suit. Fans of logos and collabs are sure to keep the registers ringing for Kering.

Image: Gucci x Adidas

Interestingly, Adidas was given a ready-to-wear makeover more than Gucci acquiescing its collection into streetwear. The suit remained dominant throughout, albeit in many guises (there were 84 looks) and Michele’s kaleidoscopic touch mixed it up into a motley of vibrant pieces. There were tuxedo suits, plaid suits, beaded suits, flashy track suits and corduroy suits, all exquisitely tailored, most with roomy cuts and again the penchant for the double breasted.

Adidas is no stranger to pairing up with luxury brands, see its partnerships with Stella McCartney, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Prada. Using classic tailoring as a foundation, Michele reworked the codes of sportswear with his unique design language, invigorating a saturated collab market with something new and something fresh.

Image: Gucci x Adidas
Alessandro Michele