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Moose Knuckles Canada to end all fur production

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Moose Knuckles; autumn/winter 2021 ‘Prism’ collection photographed by Hugo Comte

Luxury outerwear and sportswear brand Moose Knuckles Canada has confirmed that it will end all production with natural fur by the end of 2022 as part of a new range of environmental and social initiatives focused on the long-term sustainability of its global footprint.

The brand’s new sustainability strategy commits the company to innovation and leadership across six impact streams - battling climate change, moving product sustainably, creating circular business models, protecting the environment, people and communities, and living and working sustainably.

Moose Knuckles Canada co-chief executive, Noah Stern, said in a statement: “Our number one objective has always been about creating exceptional, handcrafted products that provide unmatched warmth without sacrificing style.

“The steps we are announcing today are very much a reflection of the voices of the communities we engage with and our team’s commitment to play a key role in creating a more sustainable mother earth.”

To battle climate change, Moose Knuckles Canada is pledging to mitigate all carbon emissions by the end of 2025. It explains that it has already completed an “exhaustive inventory of its carbon emissions” and has also started directing its supply chain towards complete mitigation of those pollutants.

Image: courtesy of Moose Knuckles; autumn/winter 2021 ‘Prism’ collection photographed by Hugo Comte

Moose Knuckles launches new global sustainability strategy

Another major initiative is to make and move products sustainably, with the apparel company stating that it will completely eliminate conventional cotton, virgin polyester, and virgin nylon in its garments by the end of 2025.

This process has already started and for its autumn/winter 2021 collection it re-engineered its fastest-growing new product innovation, Cloud 9, with a performance shell built exclusively of organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, for its spring/summer 2022 collection its luxury essentials French terry will be engineered with a 50/50 blend of organic and recycled cotton, the recycled portion coming from Moose Knuckles’ factory offcuts.

Moose Knuckles is also looking to create circular business models to ensure all of its products will qualify for take-back, re-commerce, and recycling programmes by the end of 2025.

The sustainable plan also has a focus on the environment, with pledges to protect nature and enhancing biodiversity, including science-based targets for the health of water, land, oceans, and wildlife, as well as ensuring that all Moose Knuckles’ real estate investments meet LEED silver standards.

The final pledge is to people and communities, with Moose Knuckles stating that it will prioritise the global challenges of diversity and inclusion.

Moose Knuckles is also a member of the Textile Exchange, a sustainability-focused, non-profit organisation, as well as a signatory to the 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge, the 2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge, the UN Global Compact pledge, and is a participant in the Corporate Fibre and Materials Benchmarking programme of the Textile Exchange.

Image: courtesy of Moose Knuckles; autumn/winter 2021 ‘Prism’ collection photographed by Hugo Comte
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