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Neiman Marcus and Hypebeast launch shoppable showroom

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

22 Sep 2021


Image: Courtesy Neiman Marcus and Hypebeast

Luxury department store Neiman Marcus has partnered with Hypebeast, the sneaker and streetwear authority, to launch a shoppable, virtual showroom featuring exclusive footwear from 11 luxury brands.

The online campaign concept aims to bridge the respective influences of both retailer and the streetwear platform giving its customers and visitors a unique shopping experience.

“We are experiencing extraordinary growth in our luxury business overall with men’s as one of the standout categories and Neiman Marcus continues to focus on creating magic for its customers with one-of-a-kind experiences and products,” said Lana Todorovich, President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Neiman Marcus. “This opportunity is both innovative and exciting for Neiman Marcus and Hypebeast – it’s allowed us to reimagine what the future of e-commerce looks like while bringing the best of both worlds together and offering access to our top luxury brands who specifically created exclusive shoe styles for our customers.”

A convergence of online shopping and editorial storytelling, the virtual showroom highlights Fall’s best footwear from 11 brands: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Maison Margiela, Moncler, Off-White, Versace and Giuseppe Zanotti. Each designed one-of-a-kind styles exclusive to Neiman Marcus for the initiative.

A digital sneaker department

The digitally recreated retail floor, inspired by a futuristic laboratory crossed with a contemporary art gallery exhibit is a first of its kind for both Neiman Marcus and Hypebeast. Every style is displayed with accentuating lighting and compositional angles within the clean and minimal CGI environment. Customers are invited to enter the space and explore every pair with interactive navigation and shoppable annotations calling attention to the sneakers’ unique design details.

“Online luxury retail continues to grow and our customers are seeking retail theatre outside of traditional retail interactions,” said Todorovich. “As this space evolves, so does our larger strategy as a multi-channel luxury retailer to provide the most unique and engaging experience in our physical, digital and remote selling environments.”

“Exclusivity, hype, and sneakers are three words that make up the ‘hypebeast’ vocabulary, and this virtual showroom continues to push the boundaries on how our readers experience new and exclusive luxury products, specifically sneakers, digitally,” said Huan Nguyen, US Vice President of Brand Partnerships, Hypebeast. “In an era of fast-paced digital consumption, a traditional model of promoting has grown stagnant. With our audience in mind, the Hypebeast team worked alongside leading luxury retailer Neiman Marcus to create a digital showroom that can highlight and showcase the sneakers in a new, profound light.”