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& Other Stories turns data points into a wearable collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

13 Nov 2019

Womenswear retailer & Other Stories has teamed up with New York-based information designer Giorgia Lupi to create a ready-to-wear collection that “challenges the idea of data as something impersonal and intimidating”.

While other brands are collaborating with influencers, Love Island stars and celebrities, & Other Stories is taking a different approach for its latest co-lab collection by transforming data points and statistics into easily digestible and thought-provoking hand-drawn prints.

The data-driven designs are based on the true stories of three trailblazing scientists, mathematician Ada Lovelace, astronaut Mae Jemison, and conservationist Rachel Carson, with the patterns representing their incredible achievements turning it into a wearable narrative.

Explaining the inspiration behind the collaboration, Giorgia Lupi said in a statement: “For this collection, I was inspired by three remarkable women in science who paved the ground for other women to get started and thrive. It’s Ada Lovelace, recognised as the first computer programmer in history, Rachel Carson, who spearheaded the environmentalist movement with her work, and Mae Jemison, the first woman of colour in space.

“I used datasets about their major accomplishments as well as the most important information from their lives as a design material to create the patterns for this collection, beautiful visuals that also has a deep meaning behind them!”

Information designer Giorgia Lupi collaborates with & Other Stories

The 12-piece collection combines knits with sheer tulle dresses, silky shirts, statement T-shirts and an oversized puffer coat, all featuring visually compelling prints and embroideries made from data points and hand-drawn by Lupi herself, including polka dots and a geometric design.

As an advocate for data humanism, Lupi explained that her approach to data is about people and stories rather than numbers and statistics, and this co-lab collection is born from her process and turns a data-driven narrative into wearable designs.

“It is less about analysing numbers and more about telling stories,” explains & Other Stories. “The true power of data projects lies in their ability to convey meaningful and relatable stories about parts of the world and people that we can’t necessarily observe.”

The pieces in the Mathematician collection reveal details such as collars and sleeves inspired by what women wore in the mid-1800s, while the Conservationist collection feature elements such a mesh dress and turtle-neck body that brings the sea to mind, and the Astronaut collection presents a reflective puffer jacket and a billowy dress that transports our minds to outer space.

Highlights include a mathematical silk puff sleeve printed blouse, an oversized polka dot puffer jacket, a planetary print shirt, a solar embroidered dot sweater, an embroidered wool rollneck bodysuit, and a sheer embellished lilac tulle midi dress.

Anna Nyrén, head of co-labs at & Other Stories, said: “Our collection with Giorgia Lupi shares an unexpected take on how we can learn amazing stories. She approaches data in a compelling and poetic way that represents people, stories and ideas, which is fantastic to be able to share with our customers.”

Lupi joins an interesting roster of past collaborations for & Other Stories including Lykke Li, Rodarte, Ada Kokosar, Sadie Williams, Claire Vivier, Vika Gazinskaya, Rachel Antonoff, Zana Bayne, Kim Gordon, Toms, House of Hackney, and Mia Larsson.

The Giorgia Lupi x & Other Stories co-lab collection will be available in the Regent Street, London store as well as on stories.com, with prices ranging from 29 pounds for a T-shirt, a 69 pounds body and a 89 pounds sweater to a 110 pounds dress and a 239 pounds jacket.

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Images: courtesy of & Other Stories