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Pakistan could be a global leader in organic cotton production

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Cotton farm Credits: Supima

Leading agricultural scientists, academics, and policymakers in Pakistan are confident of the country's potential to become a global leader in organic cotton production. This consensus emerged during the second annual Organic Cotton Pakistan conference, organized by SAWIE, a platform facilitating agricultural monitoring in Pakistan. The conference aimed to outline a path toward realizing this potential, fostering excellence in growth, and boosting foreign exchange earnings.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar, the former chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, highlighted Pakistan's significant prospects in the organic cotton sector during his address at the conference, as reported by Ecotextile News. Referring to a Textile Exchange report, he underscored that "Pakistan has the capacity to achieve a staggering 405 percent growth in organic cotton production." However, he emphasised the need to translate this numerical potential into actionable initiatives.

Dr. Zafar called for all stakeholders to unite and harness this promising potential. He also noted that Pakistan is actively working on creating standards and certifications that align with organic cotton production, ensuring quality and credibility in the sector.

Leveraging Expertise

Pakistan boasts a rich history of cotton cultivation and stands as one of the world's largest cotton producers. The nation's cotton industry possesses invaluable knowledge and experience, providing a strong foundation for transitioning to organic farming practices.

Rising Global Demand

The global demand for organic cotton is on the rise, driven by heightened awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly textiles. Pakistan is poised to tap into this growing demand and position itself as a trusted supplier of organic cotton, aligning with global sustainability goals.

As Pakistan explores the opportunities within the organic cotton sector, it can not only enhance its agricultural industry but also contribute to the global drive for more sustainable and environmentally conscious textile production.

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