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Pamella Roland celebrates 20 years at New York Fashion Week

By FashionUnited


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Image: BFA

Pamella Roland cheers to 20 years in business this New York Fashion Week. In honor of her 20th anniversary, the brand’s designer, Pamella DeVos, wanted a collection that was both a love letter to her 20 years in New York, as well as her customers whom she couldn’t have grown her business without.

Pamella Roland looked to New York to inspire her 20th anniversary collection

“I never thought I would be here 20 years later because I wasn’t even sure if we would make 2 years when I launched,” DeVos said to FashionUnited. “During the walk-through of my show, I got very emotional. Sometimes you don’t think about how impressive it is to last this long in this business. Marking 20 years in New York, I looked to the city for my inspiration.”

Image: BFA

For her anniversary collection, DeVos went through her archives to give updated versions of gowns she knew her customers would love. For the color palette, she selected hues of emerald, cobalt, amethyst, and fuchsia. Silhouettes consisted of dramatic capes and sleeves, hand-draped chiffon, and signature ballgowns. A strapless, shimmering, silver-draped fringe gown was one of the most quintessential Pamella Roland pieces and a sign of her continued commitment to delivering quality eveningwear.

Image: BFA

DeVos’ evolution to becoming an eveningwear designer wasn’t an overnight feat, nor was it how she conceived the line when she first began 20 years ago. “When I first started the brand, it was more of a sportswear line,” DeVos said to FashionUnited. “We became more of a gown company over time, but lately we are also making more suiting. Women are wanting suiting again. Of course, we are still doing the gowns and cocktail dresses because that’s what we are known for making very well. The customers still want them, and that’s why we’re here 20 years later. At Pamella Roland, we listen to what our customers want.”

After 20 years in business, DeVos has mastered the art of looking at her sales figures and providing customers with their needs from gowns to suiting. The brand’s perseverance in a turbulent industry is a true testament to both her design skills and business acumen.

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