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Peregrine commits to sourcing 100 percent of its wool from regenerative farms

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Peregrine

British heritage knitwear brand Peregrine has announced that it is planning to transition to 100 percent regeneratively sourced wool by 2026, working exclusively with UK farms.

Peregrine, which has been manufacturing knitwear in England for more than 220 years, sourcing wool from British farmers for over eight generations, is committing to British farming in recognition of the global climate and ecological crises.

2022 “marks the start of the journey,” explains the brand, as 20 percent of its British wool collection comes from a transitional regenerative farm in Rye, East Sussex, with the plan to grow this volume by 20 percent year-on-year through to 2026.

In a statement, Peregrine explained that it has “intentionally mapped out a realistic and phased approach in step with the UK farming community,” acknowledging that significant systems change can’t happen overnight.

Image: Peregrine

Heritage knitwear brand Peregrine commits to British wool

Peregrine also believes that the transition should be accessible to all farmers and have also teamed up with Pasture for Life, a UK-based certification body for regenerative farmers whose ethos is bound to 100 percent pasture-fed livestock.

In addition, the knitwear and outerwear brand is partnering with pioneering technology Soil Mentor, a low-cost app that puts change in the hands of the farmer through easy benchmarking and guidance to improve soil health on farms.

Tom Glover, managing Director at Peregrine, said: “The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and we are supporting farmers working to turn this story around. Through our work with Pasture for Life and Soil Mentor, we are able to make a difference at farm level and help drive the national movement towards more nature-friendly farming practices.”

Founded by Thomas Glover in 1796, Peregrine controls every element of garment production from start to finish for full traceability and quality assurance. It has designed, made and finished its garments in the UK for over 225 years, with its own factory in Manchester. The brand is stocked in 80 different retailers across the UK, as well as in Germany, Iceland, Canada and the US.

Image: Peregrine
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