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Puma launches podcast to break down its sustainability report

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Puma; Re:Gen Reports podcast

Global sportswear brand Puma has launched a new podcast series discussing its sustainability report to make it more accessible to its Gen-Z audience.

Each of the 10 episodes in the Re:Gen Reports series will discuss one of Puma’s 10for25 sustainability targets, ranging from human rights to sustainable product sourcing in an “engaging conversation” featuring next-generation thinkers, explaining why the company set targets in these areas and what progress it has made.

Anne-Laure Descours, chief sourcing officer at Puma, said in a statement: “We believe in collaboration, when it comes to sustainability, whether it is NGOs, brands or consumers, especially young people, who will have to live with the decisions made today.

“During last year’s Conference of the People, we saw that we needed to do more to reach out to younger generations when we talk about sustainability. A sustainability report as a podcast has never been done before in our industry, but we believe it is an important step to connect with Gen-Z audiences and open up these important conversations.”

The first three episodes are streaming now, with the additional seven episodes to be released weekly from June 8 until July 20.

In the first episode, Anya Dillard, a US-based award-winning activist, model, and social entrepreneur speaks to Viola Wan, Puma’s team head of social sustainability based in China, discussing the sportswear brand’s audit work with factories in its supply chain.

The following episode focuses on Puma’s chemical target to make 100 percent of its products safe to use, featuring Germany-based sustainable and healthy living vlogger Luke Jaque-Rodney in conversation with Klaas Nuttbohm from ZDHC, an organisation leading the fashion industry to eliminate harmful chemicals.

While the third episode concentrates on circularity and Puma’s target to reduce production waste to landfills by at least 50 percent. US-based up-cycler Andrew Burgess is joined by Puma’s senior manager of corporate strategy Simon Hessel to discuss the chemical recycling process and how it’s used in Re:Fibre, Puma’s textile-to-textile recycling project.